Uranus Conjunct Neptune In Natal Charts, Composite Charts & Synastry



When you consider the Uranus conjunct Neptune aspect, this is a very rare alignment, which occurs once every 168 years. Typically, people born in the period between 1990-1996 possess the Uranus conjunct Neptune in their chart within an orb of influence of 5 degrees.

The last time the Uranus conjunct Neptune occurred was in 1993 with 19 degrees Capricorn. In this article, we’ll discuss some aspects of the Uranus conjunct Neptune and how it affects people with this aspect in their charts.

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Uranus Conjunct Neptune In Natal Chart Meaning & Experience

As we mentioned earlier, the Uranus conjunct Neptune applies to people born in the first half of the 1990s and if you were born between the years 1990 and 1996, this aspect applies to you. Your vision, as well as experiences of the world, are quite different compared to that of your predecessors with newer and more novel experiences.

You are able to experience a quick or spontaneous fulfillment of your dreams and desires compared to your ancestors. You are also more likely to appreciate how different, incongruent pieces fit together as a whole compared to others. These different pieces may be related to ideologies, modes of working or cultural narratives.

Uranus conjunct Neptune in the natal chart imparts creative talents that are very unique and you tend to approach morals and spirituality in a very unorthodox manner. Your freedom of expression is truly inspirational and you approach life without being bound by restrictions placed by traditions, society and religion.

However, your approach to the way you think and work in an orderly way without confusion may not be appreciated a lot by other people.

You have a wild imagination that allows you to create, explore and invent freely in all aspects of life. You may be viewed by others as being rebellious, eccentric, provocative or scandalous; however, you view this as just a side effect of your creativity and resourcefulness.

In general, you require plenty of excitement and stimulation in your life and you are happiest and most satisfied when you’re either showing off or telling people how to do things or live differently. You have an excellent ability to entertain, mesmerize and even excite people to do things and you’re a trendsetter.

You’re not shy about expressing your style that’s unique to you nor are you shy of sharing your talents with others. You are aware that you’re different and special and you have the ability to recognize your peers, as well as this work.

Uranus Conjunct Neptune Synastry, Relationships


Creativity, spirituality and aspirations play an extremely important role in the relationship of Uranus conjunct Neptune synastry. The traits of the radical Uranus and escapist Neptune make it quite difficult to achieve realism and practicality.

The Uranus conjunct Neptune creates some kind of intolerance between the two people in this aspect which does not have a logical reason or explanation. The Uranus conjunct Neptune is not easy to deal with and needs a certain bit of maturity and consciousness on both ends to neutralize the effects of the aspect and make the most out of it.

If both the people in the Uranus conjunct Neptune aspect are creative and work on creating something, then it may help them transform their creative ideas into something that can be seen. Both may do things and experience them together such as working on their spirituality, going on journeys, etc.

While these interests can help to bring them together; however, if the other aspects between the natal Uranus and Neptune are challenging, then the tension between the two is not likely to disappear. Both people in this aspect have heightened creativity and they may inspire each other.

Typically, the Uranus person is more inclined towards science and technology, while the Neptune person is more artistic and both display their creativity in their respective areas. Both of them influence one another to find different ways to express their creativity and usually approach things in a different and even awkward manner.

This aspect may be great for exploring visions, ideas and imagination; however, if you’re looking for stability or comfort, then the Uranus conjunct Neptune may not be the best.

Uranus Conjunct Neptune Composite Chart

Uranus conjunct Neptune in the composite chart may work quite well in the case of creative relationships; however, it is not a great aspect when you consider family life or long-term relationships.

While the Uranus conjunct Neptune is quite commonly seen in composite charts of people in the art world like actors, singers, etc. and these relationships seem fantastic; however, they do not last very long.

Uranus Conjunct Neptune Transit Meaning


The Uranus conjunct Neptune transit aspect can be either enlightening, scary or both. In this aspect, you can experience a change in your religion, beliefs and general perception of yourself, as well as the world around you. And, this experience of mind expansion can bring with it many strange encounters and experiences.

This rather fast expansion of your consciousness can be quite exciting; however, it can be unsettling too because your old perceptions may be destroyed. Your mind is more easily influenced and this can be especially dangerous if you’re influenced by deceitful people, glamor, fame and drugs.

You are interested in exploring spirituality and are not bound by traditional, ethical, moral and societal standards. While this can be great to open your mind to newer avenues and possibilities; however, it can be destructive if you allow yourself to be taken advantage of.

Looking at the positive things about the Uranus conjunct Neptune transit, it can be a creative and liberating time, where you will be able to find excitement and stimulation via arts, entertainment, travel and spirituality.

In general, if you have a shy nature, during this time you may be able to enjoy yourself by showing off your creative talents such as dancing, singing and other forms of creative expression and socializing with people.

Uranus Semi-Square Neptune

The Uranus semi-square Neptune allows you to dream up new ideas, where you inspire each other to be more escapist or idealistic than as individuals. You are willing to rebel against rules and traditions and may encourage your partner to do it too. You may stimulate some sort of restlessness in one another. Introducing some spiritual movement and growth can benefit both tremendously.


In conclusion, the Uranus conjunct Neptune is a unique aspect and the occurrence of this aspect is quite rare. Creativity and spirituality are the two key factors that play a very important role in this aspect.

A greater understanding of the Uranus conjunct Neptune can help both people involved to make the best of the positive things the aspect brings and overcome their limitations.

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