Sun Square Mercury In Natal Charts, Composite Charts & Synastry


The sun is the source of all energy. This energy stimulates the activity of the house occupied by the passing sun and increases or decreases the planetary effect, depending on the  aspect of the sun with respect to the planet on which the sun will be born. When the sun passes through an inner planet, it can cause a dormancy between the inner planet and the slower-moving outer planet. When a planet passes through the sun, passing through another planet increases the transit effect.

Mercury is the messenger planet of communication, coordination, creative expression and information processing. During his three-year retrograde, tenderness turns to chaos, we feel obligated to text our ex, our connecting flights are canceled and our toddler is remembered and blamed for accidentally streaming a live broadcast of his naked parents.

When you know the effects of the sun square mercury aspect on your life, you will be ready to tackle any issues that may be getting in the way of your relationships, friendships and ultimate goals. It will allow you to stay mentally active, inviting all ideas that are meant to come to you to enact positive change.

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Sun Square Mercury In Natal Chart Meaning

Within the natal chart of the sun square Mercury aspect, positive manifestations are psychologically stimulating, but there are also some negative ones to watch out for. For example, you may experience excessive nervous energy, restlessness, mental clarity and lack of concentration. You may also have to do many things at once. This is not suitable for important decisions, plans, or commerce. There is also friction in communication, ego trips, and the possibility of conflict with the people who have more authority than you.

This is not a particularly difficult aspect, but it  often indicates an excess of mental energy that can manifest itself as anxiety or worry if not properly channeled. It can be successfully utilized by focusing  on your daily work, preferably those that do not require much mental accuracy.

Your thoughts may be a little scattered now. These effects usually increase communication of all kinds, such as phone calls, emails, meetings, etc. All of these can make you feel exhausted at the end of the day. You should try to keep the pace and not do many things all at once. It’s not the perfect time to make long-term decisions, sign contracts, close deals, or make important plans.

The sun square Mercury aspect can be rejuvenating, but it can also cause tension and friction. With the passage of Mercury, this will appear primarily in your social life. You may be confident in what you say, but may face struggles when communicating with others. Make a conscious effort not to get involved in meaningless discussions or chapters. It is important not to be too obsessed with your point of view and to consider alternatives, and especially avoid clashes with people whose help you need.

Sun Square Mercury In Women

Within the sun square Mercury aspect, women will be tempted to keep everything to herself and not try to communicate at all. This can lead to a typical situation where a man wonders why she is angry.

It will be important for both of them to try to communicate with each other. It will also be important for them to learn to be willing to forgive each other and  laugh at their misunderstandings.

In some ways, this aspect is slightly easier with the sun in women and Mercury in men. Women tend to solve relationship problems and let go of their ego and self-esteem.

But this part can still be problematic. She would be tempted to ignore what he was actually saying instead of thinking he was saying it. She will also be tempted to blame him for all  their inconsistencies and misunderstandings.

Sun Square Mercury In Men

For men, the solar square aspect to Mercury tends to complicate romantic relationships. Misunderstandings that Sun square Mercury makes are usually very minor, but if not checked, they can add up over time.

It can be more difficult when the sun in men squares Mercury in women. This is because his ego tempts her to not listen.

This can cause him to shut herself off her from her and stop talking to him about what matters to her most.

Just like when gender roles are exchanged, they should try to communicate. They should also  forgive each other and develop a sense of humor.


Sun Square Mercury Synastry, Relationships

Within the sun square Mercury synastry, the two parties of a relationship no longer constantly see eye-to-eye on issues, and it can be easy for Mercury to be judgemental of the Sun’s plans. The Sun may have a tendency to be very touchy to grievances from Mercury and therefore react defensively to this grievance. The Sun may also locate Mercury to be overly talkative rather than dependent on action, and Mercury may become frustrated, believing that the Sun doesn’t understand the actual meaning of Mercury`s words.

This isn’t necessarily a problem, but a bit of tolerance for each other’s right to disagree and respect for each other’s opinions is all it really takes to make personal differences something to learn from rather than be irritating. This may cause you to challenge each other to see various situations from a different perspective.

Sun Square Mercury Composite Chart

Within the sun square Mercury composite chart, relationships can be very important to both of you. It can be the main focus that each of you has, for better or for worse, and you can  strongly equate it with a relationship. You feel that you have more ability together and in relationships than alone. The advantage of this arrangement is that the relationship is very important to both of you, but the downside is that you have to make sure you don’t get too involved in the relationship and  you  lose your personal identity.

A collection of shared values is important for maintaining relationships, whether personal or romantic. If you disagree with your values, this can be an issue between you and you can work hard to convince each other of your views. This can be a great position for a business relationship as this house has money and assets that can be economically profitable to each other and cause you to make more money together.

You can communicate openly and feel connected in your own spirit. This position can generate good spiritual connections and understandings, but it requires efforts to build emotional connections. Otherwise, it can be difficult to move beyond casual relationships. This can be a good place for friendships where the laces are not always important, but in a romantic relationship you need to be open not only to your thoughts but also to your feelings.

Sun Square Mercury Transit Meaning

Within the sun square Mercury transit, you will be enlightened with information that will change the way you see your situation. The message may also carry challenging and difficult meanings as the passing Sun forms the sides of your square  with your born Mercury. It ultimately acts as a catalyst, stimulating new directions for thinking and perspective. This is a good day to bring a little intriguing question to your life and open yourself up to challenge established ideas. After receiving news of the major developments in his story, you may be forced to comment on current events.

This is likely to be a high energy time and is motivated to undertake new tasks that require increased mental activity such as writing, research, or any form of media communication. Every effort, including written and spoken language, receives an inspiring energy boost  today. If you are stimulated by others during this time, do your best not to adversely affect your ability to communicate clearly and effectively.

Sun Semi-Square Mercury

The energy within the sun semi-square Mercury aspect is strong and usable but has a tension that needs linking between two different areas of life. It also tends to give you a choice to decide where an important decision needs to be made which involves the cost of another opportunity. 

This aspect can also indicate that you are spending considerable time to fix any issues currently holding you back, striving for a bit more action. You are very well known for your abrupt behavior, which can lead you to be stressed out to the point of having a breakdown.


The sun square Mercury aspect improves your mental activity and communication methods, but  it may add friction and tension to these very same areas. Your thoughts can become confused or rushed. Therefore, if you do not say exactly what you want to say, the conversation may be interrupted. This can, in turn, lead to other people getting the wrong idea, increasing the likelihood of debating, or simply not solving the problem.

For instance, you may be called on to make important decisions such as asking for a salary raise which may end up causing you to be replaced in your job, which isn’t ideal. The best step would be to not cause trouble when engaging with others as you can end up hurting them. Still, you may need to handle more calls and communications than usual, which can be frustrating when you find that you need more time by yourself, in your own space.

Ultimately, the sun square Mercury in relationships can cause a minor conflict and misunderstanding, but if pursued wholeheartedly, the two can overcome these faults. The unique part of this aspect is that the relationship tends to take the negative aspects between the two and replace them with the positive ones over time.

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