Venus in Scorpio: Ultimate Guide [Men & Women]


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Astrologers say Venus doesn’t like it in Scorpio. They even consider Venus to be in detriment in this water sign. To this, I say: yes, and all of you have no idea what life is all about. Love them or hate them, people born under this placement are exactly what Venus is all about. They love fiercely, seek beauty, appreciate human nature.

So what if they’re a little unhinged? Everyone has their flaws. Someone born under Venus in Scorpio knows this better than anyone else. And I promise I am not only saying these things because I am afraid of them.

In the following article, I will put this placement under a microscope, leave no stone unturned, and give you all front row tickets to the hot, hot mess that is Scorpio Venus.

Ready? Put your headphones on.

Venus In Scorpio: At a Glance

Venus Rules Over: pleasure, sentiments, what we value, love & romance, money and how we spend it, beauty and taste, art, entertainment, comfort.

Venus Transits Through a Sign In approximately 23 days.

Scorpio Keywords: Stealth, death & resurrection, secrets, transformation, taboos, passion, intensity, intimidation, suspicion, underground, extremes, dramatic, hypnotic, raw.

Scorpio Element & Quality: Water & Fixed

Signs That Benefit When Venus Is In Scorpio: All signs that have nothing to hide 🙂

Venus In Scorpio Traits: Magnetic, intense, dedicated, intuitive, emotional, obsessive, perceptive.

Venus In Scorpio Transit Dates:

  • 2022: October 23 – November 16
  • 2023: December 4 – December 29
  • 2024: September 23 – October 17
  • 2025: November 6 – November 30

Venus In Scorpio: Overview & Meaning


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Venus In Scorpio Men: Mood, Characteristics & Personality

Some astrologers consider that men tend not to show their Venus sign so much, as it embodies more feminine qualities. Yet, I do believe everyone has a Venus side that they express according to the circumstances. Venus will manifest differently in men and women, but the harmony-loving, pleasure-seeking qualities are still there.

A Scorpio Venus man will be more of the brooding type. They might be pretty closed off, preferring not to share any information about themselves unless absolutely necessary. He will have high standards for his potential romantic partners, which is why some people might think he is cold and disinterested at first.

It truly takes a while for them to let their guard down. Even when they do, they will prefer to keep most parts of their psyche private. In contrast, they will treat everyone else like a puzzle waiting to be solved. The thrill of uncovering other people’s secrets is their favorite game.

They love trying to figure others out, learning what makes them tick. However, they don’t come from a place of malice. They don’t seek to subvert anyone through this. Instead, on a subconscious level, they want to know everything about the people around them so they can better nurture them.

Their overall personality can be quite dark and heavy. They might have a lot of trauma or a dark past that weighs on them. For them, romantic relationships should be transformative. They want to find that special someone who will finally heal them. Someone who will accept them, warts and all, just like they are ready to do in return.

These men won’t waste any time on casual flings. When they are interested in someone, they go all in; they crave depth and meaning. Their love can border on obsessive, especially with unrequited feelings.

They’re Joe Goldberg. I am describing Joe Goldberg.

Venus In Scorpio Women: Mood, Characteristics & Personality

Women share many of the same traits, although they can be more emotional. They are one of the most dedicated Venus signs; they prefer a transcendental type of love instead of anything casual.

Their philosophy is that everyone has flaws, and they won’t fall out of love when they see the imperfect reality of their partner. In fact, it’s their flaws that make them unique in the eyes of the Scorpio Venus. Although they don’t always know how to express their feelings, they are one of the most empathetic women out there.

Their feelings for their loved ones run very deep, and they’re a lot more sensitive than they allow themselves to show. There’s a tremendous amount of passion inside them, which can prove overwhelming for some people. Yet, for those of us who aren’t afraid of a little bit of drama, their passion is to die for. Nothing they say or do is superficial. When these women tell you they would die for you, they mean it.

Like men, they are prone to becoming obsessed in love matters. Especially when young, they can fall in love so hard that their lives will start revolving around that person. They will want to know everything about them, climb into their heads and build themselves a nest there, so they can hear their every thought.

Women born under Venus in Scorpio probably invented the practice of stalking their crush on social media. The intensity at which they love someone can make them be jealous even of their relatives.

His sister sure smiles a lot when she’s around him.

In a nutshell, to say these women are intense would be an understatement.

Venus In Scorpio: Love & Relationships

A Scorpio Venus will be attracted to things that are plutonic. Their relationships will be submerged in the kind of passion that makes your bones hurt. When these people fall in love, they completely surrender to the other person. A Scorpio Venus has no time to waste on meaningless flings, superficial relationships, or feelings. Every love interest is considered “the one” until proven otherwise.

With this aspect, natives can only be content in a relationship (Venus) if it transforms them if it reaches into the deepest parts of their soul and turns them inside out (Scorpio). This is why many Scorpio Venus natives will make no distinction between love and pain.

Even when they’re in a happy relationship, their feelings will run so deep that they can physically hurt whenever they think about their partner. Their chests will twinge with the intensity of their love for someone else. They, quite literally, love their partners so much it hurts.

This is one of the reasons why many of these natives won’t recognize abusive relationships. They can latch onto people who aren’t good for them, who want to string them along, or who will even hurt them on purpose. The pain those people can cause them will often be mistaken for “true love.”

Unfortunately, these unhealthy situationships are very common with Scorpio Venus. They are uncontrollably attracted to people that seem “bad for them,” as their unconscious mind recognizes those experiences will be profoundly transformative.

In addition, there’s nothing that makes their engines run faster than the forbidden fruit trope. Scorpio’s love for taboo makes them pursue relationships that are inappropriate in some way. They might be attracted to much older or younger people, someone who’s already in a relationship, or someone who’s emotionally unavailable.

And their pain isn’t the only thing that’s attractive to them. Recognizing pain and trauma in other people gets them going as well. Their empathetic, emotional, and accepting nature pairs beautifully with their superior perception and intuition. They strive to uncover someone’s every secret; that’s their favorite game.

Of course, someone who will be harder to crack is a lot more fun to deal with than someone willing to become vulnerable from the get-go. Thus, healthy, well-adjusted individuals are pretty dull for Scorpio Venus. Their interest in someone is proportional to that person’s emotional baggage.

Venus In Scorpio Compatibility: Attraction & Best Matches


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Venus In Scorpio Men Attraction: Who Is Their Ideal Woman?

The ideal woman for a Scorpio Venus man isn’t afraid to put her best assets on display. This Venus sign, above all others, appreciates a woman who is confident enough to leave the house in a few measly square centimeters of fabric. In a human body, Scorpio rules over the genitals. Hence, it’s safe to say that Scorpio Venus natives take great pleasure in the art of lovemaking.

A man born under this aspect has no use for a shy, inhibited girl. On the contrary, they are completely bewildered by women who exude overwhelming sexual energy, especially if they aren’t afraid to take the lead in the bedroom.

Their ideal woman is mysterious, almost like hiding a dangerous secret behind her intense gaze. She might not be a woman of many words, but she has a lot of depth when she does speak. For the package to be complete, this woman might be hard to pin down, elusive; she wouldn’t open up easily. This will give him the chance to play detective and keep guessing what she’s all about.

Venus In Scorpio Women Attraction: Who Is Their Ideal Man?

Women born under this aspect will generally look for a man who won’t shy away from emotionally charged situations. His confidence is unshakeable; when he enters a room, he commands it without a single word. The keyword here is power, but that’s not to say that Scorpio Venus women are fishing for social status.

The men they usually fall for possess some kind of influence; they have an authoritative air about them. Yet, we’re not talking about your friendly neighborhood stock trader. Their ideal men err on the dark side – the tortured artists, the criminal, the bad boy who looks like nothing but trouble. Someone with a lot of pain in their eyes, yet someone who wields a lot of destructive power.

Venus In Scorpio Flirting


Rare photo of a Scorpio Venus flirting. Dollar Girl, for Unsplash

If a Scorpio Venus has their eyes on you, it’s pretty hard not to notice. They won’t tell you that they’re interested outright. Remaining private is paramount for them – even though they won’t rest until they uncover someone’s every secret, they are quite reluctant to share any of their own.

Thus, their flirting style is very subtle. You can only see it in their eyes. The way they linger on yours, the way they stare at you from across the room. They will undoubtedly hint that they are interested with suggestive wordplays, quick touches, furtive glances. But they might act the same way with everyone. Right?

Their suggestive joke could mean something, but it could also mean nothing. You won’t ever get a straight answer. Through this, they are inviting you to play the game they love the most. They want you to assume the role of the detective and put in a lot of effort and patience into uncovering them.

Venus In Scorpio Sex Life

The bedroom is a sanctuary for a Scorpio Venus. These natives are very in touch with their desires and have no shame in going after what they want. They love sex and everything it entails. They love experimenting in the bedroom (or outside of it) and consider sex a large part of their identity.

They usually have no problem using sex to express themselves. Many people who share this aspect love to dress provocatively. They might collect sex toys or decorate their homes with sex-related art. Many will attend sex parties or play adult games with their friends.

These are the people who will ask everyone at a party whether it’s time for a strip poker game. Many of them like to try out various kinks with their partners, ranging from your average, well-known ones to some of the most obscure.

The transformative aspect of their relationships is best witnessed in the sexual department. When they get down to it with their partners, they completely surrender themselves to them. They can either dominate a partner or be submissive; they don’t have a specific preference. However, either side they go for, they will go all the way.

Their sexual encounters will be bordering on the extreme side. These can involve pain, degradation, or some sort of risky behavior, such as exhibitionism. They might like to record themselves having sex or taking pictures of their naked partners. They could like being watched.

Either way, these natives will treat sex as a religious activity. Having a fulfilling sex life is crucial to them, so they will take it personally if their partner isn’t as interested in having sex anymore.

Venus in Scorpio Turn-Ons

Venus rules over what we find pleasurable, so it’s easy to see how our Venus sign sets the tone for what we enjoy between the sheets. With Scorpio Venus, some of the biggest turn-ons revolve around power, destruction, taboos. A person born under this aspect will shiver at the thought of intense, passionate sex.

They want to be choked or restricted. They might want to indulge in fantasies of powerlessness or, quite the contrary, complete power over someone else. Teasing their partners in public spaces, where they might get caught, is one of their favorite pastimes.


Maria Vlasova, for Unsplash

Making a mess out of the entire house in a dance of passion is entirely desirable. They can always buy new clothes if their partner rips them off.

The main takeaway is that their sex life should challenge the norm. If you want to know what would drive a Scorpio Venus mad with lust, try thinking of things that would make strippers blush, and you will have your answer.

Venus In Scorpio Breakups

Scorpio Venus lives under the constant thought that their relationship might end soon. Scorpio, at its core, knows that everything has an expiration date. Its energy doesn’t let anything survive after it serves its purpose.

And romantic relationships make no exception for this, especially in the case of Scorpio Venus. Yet, you’d be foolish to think that breakups aren’t subjected to the same kind of dramatic intensity that characterizes them.

Although they clearly know and expect that their relationships won’t last forever, break-ups are regarded as some sort of acute betrayal. Scorpio Venus has a huge fear of abandonment, which is exactly why they keep their feelings so private. They think that there are fewer chances of being hurt if they keep their guard up and never share their true emotions with others.

Being so guarded can sometimes turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy, making their partners feel unloved. In return, they can become quite cold themselves and even end the relationship in extreme cases.

At that point, Scorpio Venus will consider they were right to keep their walls up and be suspicious of their partner, further solidifying their shell. Even in those cases where their partner does not end the relationship, Scorpio Venus might be inclined to end it themselves out of pure paranoia.

The fear of abandonment can get so intense that they begin thinking they’d rather end it themselves instead of waiting for the devastating blow. This is a classic example of how they project their own issues onto people. The superior perception that works so well on other people fails when they genuinely need to look inward.

Yet, their deep feelings for their partners are probably the only things they can’t transform. Not even through the destructive act of breaking up. Even when they and their partners go their separate ways, walking on paths paved with broken plates and promises, their love stays strong.

Scorpio Venus will secretly root for you, even after you broke their heart. Or even after they break yours. You can be sure that they will continue to think about you, sometimes even years after your last message to them. It’s not uncommon for them to enter stalker mode and go on to try and uncover every last bit of available information about your life, especially if you entered a new relationship.

In any case, going through the relationship dance with one of these people will definitely put its mark on you, as well. You will go on the other side of your break-up a changed person for better or worse.

Venus In Scorpio Friendships


You and your Scorpio Venus friends, brewing some potions. Tikkho Maciel, for Unsplash

A Venus in Scorpio friend is a genuine treasure to have. Unfortunately, they take a long time to open up to someone, and they can be very skeptical of new people. So, if you managed to endear yourself to one of them, I must admire your persistence.

There is no one quite as loyal as they are. They will be the ultimate ride or die if you mean something to them. Nothing will ever stand in the way of your friendship, and they would rather die than cause you any harm.

As your relationship deepens and they start knowing you better, you will be amazed by their intuition. They are so perceptive that you will likely feel they are reading your thoughts. For those times when you will actually talk to them out loud, they are fantastic listeners.

Not only will they use their fine-tuned nose to uncover every last detail about your mind, but they will hold onto this information like their lives depend on it. A Scorpio Venus friend will take your secrets to the grave and will make it a point not ever to put you on the spot. Of course, unless you betray them. In which case, hell hath no fury.  

Venus In Scorpio Finance

The money one spends to feel comfortable is yet another matter ruled by Venus. To say that this planet rules finances is a bit of an overreach, as the financial realm is a vast one. Venus doesn’t really care about our salary or our investments. Yet, money is a massive part of our ability to enjoy life.

And that’s what Venus is all about. To live according to our Venus means to live our lives as works of art. To enjoy every minute, indulge in good food and good wine. Spoil our loved ones (and ourselves) with lavish gifts. When one’s personal Venus sits in the sign of Scorpio, all of these things manifest through Scorpio’s lens.

A person born under this aspect will want to merge with another person, and their financial lives make no exception to this. Hence, more often than not, these people will have joint bank accounts with their significant others.

When it comes to the money they spend for their pleasure, they will spare no dime. Some might be quite the impulse buyers, as they have a hard time managing temptations of all kinds. Sometimes, their finances might feel like a rollercoaster, with times when money comes in freely, followed by periods of poverty.

Some might use money as leverage in their relationships. Power struggles are all too common with this placement, so it’s not uncommon for them to try and make their partner financially dependent on them.

Venus In Scorpio Dark Side: Bad Traits To Watch Out For

Frankly, if you treat them nicely, there’s nothing you should ever be afraid of when it comes to Scorpio Venus. They could be dying in your arms, and they will apologize for bleeding on your shirt. Truthfully, they are a tremendous danger, but to themselves.

Nothing is quite as transformative as pain. A Scorpio Venus’ life journey will entail breaking themselves apart and putting themselves together, again and again. To do this, they unconsciously seek out being hurt. They lust for suffering. And so, they, most often than not, seek out relationships that are bad for them.

They fall in love with the broken, the damaged. They want to use their investigative abilities to dig a tunnel right through their partners’ brains. A tunnel through which light can enter. Uncovering what lies in the shadows might seem scary, but it’s the only way to bring those things to light. And that’s how people heal. 

It’s no surprise that most of them have difficulty sharing any information about themselves. Instead, they focus most of their effort on healing other people’s trauma, so they don’t have to do the same for themselves.


The inside of a Scorpio Venus’ closet. Chelms Varthoumlien, for Unsplash

Their pain runs so deep that it scares them to no end. This is why they would rather throw themselves at the most dysfunctional people. The harder it is to heal someone, the more time spent away from their own wounds.

And that’s also why they are so desperately looking for “the one.” In this neverending quest to find their special someone, they hope they will stumble upon someone as severely scared as they are—someone who runs from their own issues hard enough that they would gladly try healing them instead.

Venus In Scorpio Beauty, Appearance & Taste

You can either love Scorpio Venus or hate them; there’s no in-between. One thing I’d like to mention, though, is that I can only think of one good reason someone would hate them. And that would be pure, soul-eating envy. Men or women, people sharing this aspect are no strangers to breaking necks on accident (or purposefully).

Many factors decide someone’s physical appearance, but Venus plays a massive role in attraction. Both in what attracts us to other people and how attractive we are to others. Scorpio Venus is magnetic. They can make hearts flutter with just their eyes. There’s something supremely sensual about them.

Everything from how they walk to how they dress can make others hypnotized by them. Venus’ charm and graces get a goth, sexy makeover in Scorpio. Hence, people born under this aspect just scream “sex.” And this is not to say that they’re all Carla Bruni (although, guess who is a Scorpio Venus.) But, even when their appearance is quite average, there’s something about them that makes people forget their words.

Their fashion style can err on the darker side. It’s not uncommon for them to wear all black or at least stick with some darker colors. They might prefer wearing leather, form-fitting clothes. Alternatively, some might like wearing pieces that are quite revealing and showcasing their intense eyes with dramatic make-up.

Venus in Scorpio Celebrities

Hey, hey, you, you, I don’t like your girlfriend? I bet you can understand this statement a lot better now that you know Avril Lavigne is a Scorpio Venus. Another example is Demi Moore. In her biography, named “Inside Out,” she revealed that threesomes were the reason her marriage with Ashton Kutcher failed. And that’s probably the most Scorpio Venus thing I ever heard.

Moreover, to exemplify the possessive qualities of this placement, let me present you with this piece of work:

“In a March 2015 interview with The New York Times, she admitted that she “was really mean” at times in their relationship because “girls were running after him, and I was giving them death stares.”

Vanessa Hudgens, everyone.

Lastly, perhaps one of the best examples is Daenerys Targaryen. I know she’s not a real person, but Emilia Clarke is, and she is a Scorpio Venus. And I bet she channeled that exact energy to play the unhinged, emotional, vengeful Dragon Queen.

Venus In Scorpio Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know If A Scorpio Venus Man Likes You?

He will generally try to “solve” you. He will try his best to find out everything about you, discover what makes you tick.

How Do You Know If A Scorpio Venus Woman Likes You?

Her flirting will be subtle. You can generally tell by her eyes. Just like with Scorpio Venus men, a woman will probe your mind every chance she gets.

Who Is Venus In Scorpio Compatible With?

Scorpio Venus works great with Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer, Pisces, Taurus Venus.

What Does Scorpio Venus Like In Bed?

Anything that challenges the norm. Well, in fact, anything.

How Does Venus In Scorpio Flirt?

Without revealing anything. A Scorpio Venus will never let on that they like you, but they will hint at it ever so slightly. Make you second guess yourself.

Are Venus In Scorpio Loyal?

Fiercely. If you manage to get in their graces, they will stand by your side no matter what you do.

Can Scorpio Venus Be Toxic?

Is Leo dramatic? Will a Gemini lie about having read a particular book? Is water wet?

Are Venus In Scorpio Beautiful?

No matter what they actually look like, Scorpio Venus people are wildly attractive. Ask anyone.

How Long Is Venus In Scorpio?

Venus transits through Scorpio for about 23 days.


Everyone says that Venus loves it in the Water signs, although many people shudder when that Water sign is Scorpio. Something about this sign’s penchant for death and destruction doesn’t really sit well for some people. Especially when talking about Venus, a planet that represents all things nice, that May-bud tenderness.

It’s true that this kind of intensity isn’t for everyone. It is also true that some people are cowards who wouldn’t dare look into the deepest parts of their psyche. There are people out there who are afraid to take a good look at themselves, which is why someone as perceptive as a Scorpio Venus might seem like the ultimate villain.

People born under this aspect are quite the paradox, in that the Water element makes them love profoundly, while their Fixed quality won’t allow their loved ones the comfort of living in the shadows. It can be summarized beautifully with a quote by Leigh Bardugo:

“The water hears and understands. The ice does not forgive.” (Six of Crows)

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  1. I am a Virgo Sun, Libra Venus woman… who fell in love with a Libra Sun, Scorpio Venus man. Reading the description was interesting for me, a lot rang true. However in our dynamic I scared him many times… emotionally that is. Not because I was vulnerable, but because any vulnerability I ever showed him was strictly controlled by me. He saw what I wanted to see, and he showed me nothing. I looked through his entire soul, and he hated it. But I know he won’t forget me, and I won’t forget him. I loved him for who he is, not his charms.


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