Elliptical Orbits: All You Need To Know

Elliptical Orbits All You Need To Know

The planets tend to orbit around the Sun in what seems like circular or spherical shapes. However, most planets tend to have an elliptical orbit on which they course around the Sun. You can go through some important information about elliptical orbits here. Elliptical Orbits: Short Summary Elliptical orbits fall under the broader Kepler orbits, which have … Read more

What Is Luminosity? [Easy Explanation]

What Is Luminosity Easy Explanation

Stars are considered luminous objects. When astronomers mention the brightness of a celestial body, they do so in terms of luminosity. But what exactly is luminosity? This article will give you an easy explanation of luminosity and luminous objects. Ready? Let’s dive in! What Is Luminosity? The term luminosity is used to express how bright … Read more

How Much Does A Good Telescope Cost? [In 2022]

How Much Does A Good Telescope Cost

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced astronomer, the most important instrument you need to view the objects beyond our planet and the solar system is a good telescope. A good quality telescope does not come cheap and when buying a telescope, you must ensure that you’re buying one that is perfect for your needs. So, … Read more