Mars Square Pluto: Natal Charts, Composite Charts & Synastry


Mars square Pluto happens when these planets form a 90-degree angle while moving across space. This aspect is very powerful and impacts our lives and personalities in a major way.

It is associated with intense strength and a desire to succeed and protect. People with this aspect in their charts are very ambitious and often have dominant personalities. Let’s take a look at the various ways in which Mars square Pluto impacts our lives.

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Mars Square Pluto in Natal Chart Meaning

Mars square Pluto is a very powerful aspect in natal charts. It points towards a strong and ambitious personality. Your tenacity and self-control make you very good at handling crises and you are no stranger to facing difficult situations in life. You always take the lead and jump into action when someone you love needs your help.

You have most likely faced a lot of extreme behavior like violence or physical/mental abuse. These experiences have instilled a strong fighter instinct in you, supported by your natural survivor spirit and dominant nature.

Your desire to find answers and solutions makes you suitable for any investigative field. You like being in control, which can lead you to impose your will on those around you. This can cause friction in your relationships. Watch out for compulsive behaviors, as they can lead you down a dangerous path.

It will take some time for you to learn to respond to difficult situations with logic and rationality. You might respond in a verbally or physically abusive manner when you encounter emotional triggers. As you mature, you will learn to have better control of your emotions.

Mars controls the conscious desires people have, whereas Pluto takes charge of the unconscious or ‘soul’ desires. A Mars square Pluto aspect creates spiritual warfare within the person—you might work tirelessly for a goal and yet be unsatisfied when you achieve it. This is also called shiny object syndrome.

The most important thing in this situation is to learn to overcome base desires and direct your energies towards goals that fulfill your divine purpose. This is only possible through meditation and spiritual work.

Mars square Pluto in natal charts has different connotations for men and women. Let’s take a look:

Mars Square Pluto in Women

Mars square Pluto is quite a desirable aspect for women. They have a desire for power and use it to correct injustices and abuses of power around them. Women with this aspect who go through painful experiences like betrayals of trust will react very strongly to the corruption around them.

All the usual effects of Mars, like assertiveness and competitiveness, defy the societal expectations of women. This leads to them being perceived as ‘unfeminine’ and hence dangerous and undesirable. Fearing rejection and disapproval, women with Mars square Pluto in their natal charts take to seeking power in subtle ways.

They may resort to manipulation, a show of helpfulness, psychological warfare or even seduction to get what they want. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are doomed to a life of insincere relationships.

If they work at healing themselves, get adequate support and the right opportunities, women can become changemakers and leaders of society at various levels. Trines and sextiles from other planets are quite beneficial to women with this aspect.

Mars Square Pluto in Men

You might have often heard the phrase, ‘Men are from Mars’. This is because almost all men have Mars-like personas—they like being in power and have a naturally dominating personality.

This can be attributed to both societal conditioning and hormonal balances. Men are far more likely to identify with a warrior spirit and will attempt to become ‘alpha males’. Despite the change in the perception of gender roles, men are still expected to imbibe ‘masculine’ traits like dominance and strength.

Because of these expectations, men with this aspect in their natal charts may seek dominance over others in the workplace. This may even help them rise up the ranks and occupy positions of power.

Men with a Mars square Pluto have large reservoirs of strength. This can be both physical and mental. They often find anger very difficult to deal with. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have anger issues—getting angry could be a rare occurrence with them. They need a lot of effort to find healthy outlets for their feelings.

Mars Square Pluto Synastry, Relationships

Synastry charts are obtained by comparing the natal charts of two people. This lets you see how the planets in your chart interact with the planets in your partner’s chart. Relationships involving Mars Square Pluto aspects are quite intense and can be raw and animalistic or even explosive.

Mars and Pluto are both very powerful in natal charts and share a connection with each other. Physical attraction is one of the most powerful aspects of the relationship between couples in this aspect.

The sexual relationship the couple shares can be transformative for both people in the relationship. It can also be filled with power struggles. There is a lot of jealousy and possessiveness in the relationship, but it is possible that the couple is able to deal with it maturely.

Drama and conflict are characteristic features of this relationship. A lot of arguments and disagreements can make either person feel stifled. The relationship can turn draining and chaotic.

The key problem with this pairing is that both individuals are unwilling to yield to the other. The relationship starts out with a lot of passion—both individuals have a strong desire to be together.

As the relationship matures, the couple continues to have strong desires but they result in jealousy and competitiveness. A battle of wills commences and since neither is willing to give in, it fizzles out.

This aspect does not accompany long, committed relationships. Short flings are much more common. People with exceptionally high emotional maturity might be able to make it work in the long run.

Either way, the relationship itself is a transformative experience—both people emerge wiser and eventually learn from their mistakes.

Mars Square Pluto Composite Chart

A composite chart is the end product of synastry. It is like a natal chart for two people and defines how the relationship between them will be. Having Mars and Pluto in your composite chart indicates a very intense relationship. It will take a lot of effort to establish a balance of power in the relationship.

Be cautious of power plays in your relationship. There is a lot of passion and energy in the relationship, channel it towards taking care of each other’s needs rather than focusing on personal agendas.

Trying to manipulate or dominate each other might be your gut instinct, but will not bring you success. It can generate a lot of anger and lead to explosive outbursts.

On the other hand, if you join forces for a common cause, you will achieve whatever you want. You have a lot of endurance as a couple and there is a high possibility that you can put it to good use.

Since there is a lot of passion, you have high sexual compatibility and share an intense sexual attraction.

Mars Square Pluto Transit Meaning

A Mars square Pluto transit in your chart could be dangerous. It is a volatile time period and brings about a storm of negative feelings. You need to pause and reflect to figure out your course of action and how to deal with your feelings.

You have a lot of passion—tap into it to help you deal with the difficulties you face. With the right energy and focus, you will emerge from this transit as a calm and collected person. Your already incredible problem-solving skills will improve.

If you lose focus and give in to fear or anger, you will get frustrated and lash out at those around you. Refrain from blaming other people or situations, it won’t solve your problems and distract you from the real solutions. Don’t engage in petty fights or mind games and practice self-control.

Your constant pursuit of success and domination might make you a target for others. Make your health and safety a priority at this time and remember to take care of your mental health too.


The Mars square Pluto aspect makes for a very intense life. The ambitious, warrior spirit coupled with a lot of challenges early in life can make life feel tumultuous and disorienting.

However, this aspect also has a strong connection with transformation. People emerge with greater emotional maturity and learn to gain control over their emotions through the trials and tribulations in their life.

People with this aspect have a lot of energy. This energy needs to be put to good use, otherwise, it may turn destructive.

In relationships, this aspect contributes a lot of passion and intensity. This usually leads to conflict and short-lived romances. If the couple can manage their passion for each other the right way, the relationship can be very satisfying and long lasting.

With a lot of strength and ambition, people with this aspect have the potential for achieving amazing things in life once they learn to channel their energies in the right direction.

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