Mars Square Neptune: Natal Charts, Composite Charts & Synastry

Astrology is said to be the study of stars. There is a lot that is often deciphered by looking at the position of stars. Those who believe in it place a lot of value to what each of these positions means in different contexts. Let’s take a look at Mars square Neptune.

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Mars Square Neptune In Natal Chart Meaning

The study of Mars square Neptune, like any other, starts with the study of the birth charts of the individual in question.

When done for two individuals, this is said to reveal their outlook towards relationships, marriage and more. In this particular case, there is an element of glamor and intrigue. Naturally, this brings an element of scandal too.

This is a sign that the individuals involved have a strong desire to fight a cause.  And it doesn’t just stop at theorizing because they have an urge to do something about it.

The passions, however, are said to not be conventional and this can cause the aforementioned scandal. But since the individuals have a strong commitment to the cause, they are ready to march into battle.

It can be said that because they are passionate beings, they might be discouraged to a great extent. Losses are a part of the journey and it is important not to give up.

In the same breath, it is also important not to blame oneself or anyone else for the loss. Anger and frustration are also a part of this game and it is important to analyze the wreckage only after taking some time to cool off.

As you would expect, blaming people or talking about someone badly behind their back is also something to avoid. That is good advice in general.

But you might be in a position where suspicion is being created. So, it is important to make an effort to be honest and walk away from lies and gossip.

As failure is likely to knock on the door, it is good to remember that you must believe in yourself. Vulnerabilities and fears are likely to show up along with failure but remember to keep your eye on the ball.

Achieving this kind of self-confidence might need some practice. So, if needed, you must look into activities that keep you grounded but also hopeful and courageous.

Mars Square Neptune Synastry, Relationships

Synastry is essentially the study of birth charts by comparing one to the other to find out their compatibility. This is said to be a way of finding out how the natal charts of two people interact.

But even for this, their individual natal charts need to be studied separately. They say it is only after that that a comparison can be done.

Mars square Neptune is said to be intriguing in the sense that these planetary movements are said to have signs that tell us about an individual’s existence as a whole.

The “Mars people” are often characterized as straightforward individuals which makes them come off as rude to the “Neptune people”. It also leads to a bit of an irritation to the latter population which may cause them to withdraw a bit.

That is because Neptune makes them mellow and makes them out to not be such big fans of arguments and disagreements. They like to avoid them at all costs.

In a relationship, this avoidance can be perceived as negativity or callousness towards the relationship in general. Also since the Mars person has a strong character, they are likely to pursue the issue and discuss it which is not something a Neptune person is inclined to do because they don’t like confrontations as much.

As a result, the relationship is likely to be a little chaotic and might provoke the Mars person to get extreme. It can also turn into abuse from the Mars person as a poor response to perceived rejection.

Once it gets into this unhealthy dance, the Neptune person might start lying to avoid the situation or anything that might act as a provocation as far as the Mars person is concerned.

And as we know, these little points of friction can lead to greater cracks and problems. The cycle of lying, cheating and deception then tends to become the central issue at some point, especially in the hard aspects.

The challenge at this point for both individuals is to be open and communicate the problems instead of falling back on the basic personality traits of aggression and subterfuge.

Both individuals also need to realize that the key to having peace in the relationship is to meet their partner halfway. This means finding kindness, patience and love towards the other person.

In any case, these aspects are always critical to keeping a relationship afloat and even flourishing. It gives the relationship a fighting chance and ignoring it will lead to a fallout that could have been avoided entirely.

Mars Square Neptune Composite Chart

A composite chart often tells us about a relationship. It is believed to be the key to understanding the dynamic between two people.

That is why it is often seen as a relationship chart that is formed by mapping the midpoints that exist between the planets of both individuals. This is completely different from synastry which deals with exploring the individual as well.

Now, when we look at a Mars square Neptune composite chart, there is a sense of draining in the relationship that often stands out. This is likely due to an aspect of illusion between both parties.

This is often believed to be because one of them or both may feel like they are sacrificing themselves more than the other. This might happen when both individuals have greater dreams that are baseless or not rooted in reality.

Unfortunately, that is difficult for anyone to see and the friction causes problems.

Now, the aspect of illusion might also mean that the individuals are creating a ruse and trying to get away with it. But even astrologically, they are bound to pay for their sins.

Interestingly, a Mars square Neptune is believed to also be an indicator of heavy alcohol and drug usage. Sometimes, sex is also said to prominently be involved.

But it is not all bad news because when both Mars and Neptune are composites, it is a sign of compassion and understanding towards each other. The aspect of delusion does not go away which means both individuals must be realistic about their expectations.

It is helpful to have similar goals spiritually which will help both individuals form a strong foundation. But otherwise, it might feel like the relationship is stealing your identity from you.

Mars Square Neptune Transit Meaning

This is another aspect that does not bring a whole lot of good news along with it. Mars square Neptune is an indication of suspicion, low energy, lies and deceit.

It surfaces feelings of weakness and discouragement which, as mentioned in the beginning, must be handled and contained. This will also cause some amount of guilt and other negative feelings.

Self-harm or feelings of self-defeat tend to crop up which is why it was suggested at the beginning of this post that it is important to practice self-confidence. Every individual, regardless of their star positions, must have these backup options.

However, when it comes to Mars square Neptune it is important to be self-aware on some of these issues. One must admit the things that make an individual uncomfortable and work on fixing them. If this requires help from a professional, it is best to realize sooner rather than later that there is no shame in getting it.

Lack of confidence or good energy can lead to other negative feelings. These feelings could be jealousy, suspicion and vindictiveness.

There will also likely be a great temptation to act on them rather pettily which must be controlled and worked upon. Honest communication is one of the ways in which this confusion can be avoided.

Because when these feelings go unnoticed or redirected, they can lead anyone to make terrible choices. So, it is best to recognize the problem and solve it whether in relationships or otherwise.

But one is not always the perpetrator in these cases. Sometimes, you might be the victim of cheating, gossip or scandal.

That is why it is important to recognize your place in the story and be on guard against those who are untrustworthy. Situations and people who seem to be too good might not have the purest of intentions and you would do good to recognize them.

This is particularly true when it comes to relationships because passion can sometimes blind you to the truth. But even otherwise, it is best to wait for the other person to make a move and proceed with caution when they do.

Unfortunately, though, paranoia is also a real problem. This means you have the awful burden of having to find the balance between skepticism and wild imagination.

Now is not a good time to take on new projects or more work because your energy is confused and it will show in your work. Use this time to redirect your negative thoughts and find inspiration.

In terms of health, if your immune system is compromised, try not to be a hypochondriac. Get yourself checked by a doctor but if everything seems to be fine, do not pursue it…beyond the point of rationality.

Mars Semi-Square Neptune

Also called the octile aspect, Mars semi-square Neptune is a sign for those who like to visualize their future. This is a hint that you must not get carried away and overexert your mind or body. You tend to have trouble with boundaries so now is a good time to define them.


Understanding star positions can be an extremely fascinating thing. But it is important to remember that these are guidelines to help you make better decisions. While there is an argument to be made that it is based on science, it is good to remember that we make our own destiny.

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