Sun Square Mars: Natal Charts, Composite Charts & Synastry


Sun square Mars is quite an intense aspect. If you have this aspect in your natal chart, you have a distinct energy and are very passionate about everything you do.

It is an indicator of competitiveness, resolution and assertiveness. People with this aspect in their natal charts are go-getters and have a lot of energy.

You cannot look at things objectively and always approach all parts of your life from a personal angle. Emotions have a strong hold over you and you tend to listen to your heart rather than your head in most situations.

Let’s dive deeper into this fascinating aspect and see how it impacts your life and personality.

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Sun Square Mars In Natal Chart Meaning

People who have Sun square Mars in their natal chart have competitiveness ingrained in their nature. They can also be a little self-centered, which is typical of people with a Sun square in their natal chart.

The Sun is a source of light and provides energy to all living creatures on the planet. Mars, on the other hand, is a symbol of the warrior spirit and represents passion, drive and determination.

These traits combine when a Sun square Mars appears in a natal chart. People with this aspect are a bundle of energy in their childhood and are seldom found sitting still. They can be a little difficult to deal with as children. Excessive energy and passion make them creative and productive, but it also makes them stubborn and hard to control.

People with this aspect do very well in competitive fields once they learn to channel their energies the right way. They are always ready to spring into action and do not waste time in idle chatter.

There is an intense need for a creative outlet, hence these people can be found spending a lot of time in sports, their careers or any other aspect of life which welcomes competitiveness.

The Sun square Mars aspect makes for a temperamental and often impulsive individual. They have faced a lot of conflict in life which can make them aggressive or even hostile. When faced with a challenge, they tackle it head-on and assert themselves without fear of opposition.

Let’s take a look at how this aspect presents in men and women:

Sun Square Mars In Women

The Sun square Mars aspect invokes great energy and competitiveness in women too, but it presents differently than men. Women with this aspect have great emotional depth and care deeply about the people around them and their personal relationships.

They can be a little vindictive or quarrelsome. This personality trait will bring them a lot of criticism because they are women, creating a lot of conflict in their life.

If you have this aspect, you likely have a strong emotional bond with your father. Whether you know it or not, you two share a psychic bond that stretches across time and space.

Women with this aspect have a very interesting relationship with the men in their life. They can seem dominating or bossy, always making men toe the line but the men always enjoy it.

These women have complete control of the household and manage it very efficiently. They don’t have a lot of subtlety, which can be a problem when they try to advance their careers.

Sun Square Mars In Men

Men with this aspect are very passionate and often do not have a handle on their emotions. Strong emotions like anger or love can consume them and they will go to great lengths when motivated by these feelings.

Men’s natural fighter spirit is further enhanced by this aspect. They have very little to fear and never back down from a fight. Their incredible energy makes sure that they mostly win. This causes them to ‘have a chip on their shoulder’ throughout life.

There is a certain pettiness and a penchant for revenge associated with this aspect. If you have this aspect, chances are you never let go of an issue without ‘getting even’ and hold grudges for a long time.

Your boundless energy can make you hyper-focused, making you ignore other important aspects of life. If you meditate and work on controlling your emotions, you can put your energies to great use.

Sun Square Mars Synastry, Relationships

Relationships that have the Sun square Mars aspect are characterized by intense physical and sexual attraction. The relationship can be quite an emotional rollercoaster with a lot of intense emotions and feelings.

It can certainly be very overwhelming for the people involved. Especially in the beginning, when the attraction is at its highest and even being in each other’s presence gives you an emotional high.

You mirror each other’s energies and co-exist harmoniously. All your individual flaws seem dwarfed in comparison to the intense attraction you feel.

However, this phase does not last forever. Once the honeymoon phase is over, you start to find each other annoying. The flaws you ignored earlier now eclipse your feelings for one another.

Both individuals want very different things at times. For example, one may be very outdoorsy and an avid adventurer while the other is a complete homebody. Staying together always feels like a compromise for one of you, which builds resentment over time.

It can be quite emotionally draining to be in this relationship since it always feels like you two are never on the same page. Having to constantly explain yourself puts a damper on the emotional high you experienced at the beginning of the relationship.

However, this doesn’t mean that the relationship is doomed to fail. The Sun square Mars aspect possesses a lot of passion. There is a lot of energy, which when channeled in the right direction can accomplish just about anything.

Communication is key in this relationship. You need to learn how to communicate without getting defensive. Similarly, you have to understand that your partner communicating his or her needs is not an attack on you.

You are bound to have different needs. Learning the art of compromise is essential if you want to make this relationship work. Neither of you needs to sacrifice a part of your personality or give up your dreams for the relationship to work—you can learn to coexist harmoniously.

Sun Square Mars Composite Chart

Composite charts are a good indicator of the nature of the relationship between two people.

Couples who have a Sun square Mars aspect in their composite chart start off as a fiery romance and start to experience many small glitches as time passes. Small disagreements often turn into big arguments because neither of you is willing to let go of your ego.

You are constantly on different pages regarding your relationship and can never seem to agree on where the relationship is going. Small misunderstandings always turn into big fights and you might even start to wonder why the two of you are together.

It will take a fair amount of effort if you want to stay together. If you let your passion and drive guide you towards a solution, you will be able to come up with compromises that work for both of you.

Sun Square Mars Transit Meaning

Sun square Mars transit is a volatile and charged time period for everyone. People are very daring at this time and let nothing stop them from pursuing their dreams. They can be a little narcissistic, not caring about anyone but themselves during this time.

It can be a stressful period and it is very important to have outlets for relieving stress at this time.

Ego clashes are very common, especially with everyone trying to establish their dominance or test their authority.

During this time, it is important to resist the urge to give in to your ego. Avoid going on the offensive and try to deal with conflict rationally and with a cool head. If you aren’t sure you will be able to avoid conflict, try to work alone as much as possible.

It might seem like everything is a challenge, but do not act defensively or aggressively. If you can, be mindful of others’ struggles and be understanding of their emotions.

Your superiors might be more demanding at work, so be prepared to shoulder the extra load. Put the extra energy to good use by exercising well and try to stay focused on being productive.


Sun square Mars is an intense aspect and brings a lot of passion and energy into your life. People with this aspect in their natal charts have a lot of energy and the potential for achieving amazing things once they learn to channel their energy in the right direction.

There is a lot of emotional depth associated with this aspect and people with this aspect experience emotions very deeply.

Couples who have this aspect in their composite charts experience intense attraction and a lot of ups and downs. If they learn to communicate effectively and compromise with each other, they could have a long and fulfilling relationship with each other.

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