Mars Square Venus: Natal Charts, Composite Charts & Synastry

Whenever two of your planets in your charts are present at an angle of 90 degrees from each other even if they might be in the same mode, then this means that they are present in a square.

This square means that two parts of your life and personality might clash with each other, requiring you to make a change in your life.

Through this guide, you can find out about Mars square Venus and what this means for you.

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Mars Square Venus In Natal Chart Meaning

Both Mars and Venus are planets that convey contrasting things about your personality. For instance, Mars is concerned with your passion, energy, conflict and aggression whereas Venus is more concerned with love and beauty.

In this sense, a Mars square Venus position in your natal chart can suggest that you are someone who can be quite prone to experiencing opposing feelings at the same time, whether those feelings are for yourself or for someone else.

You can be quite volatile and move through life in an aggressive manner that seems to lack patience, always moving from one thing to the next.

This can also apply to your love life since both Mars and Venus are connected to love and energy. This can suggest that you might have several sexual and/or romantic partners, allowing you to always find what you want in a direct way.

It is important for you to combine the conflicting sides of yourself. Learn how to channel your passion and creativity towards a career or hobby.

Developing a sense of peace, self-control and confidence without letting go of your passion, boldness and dynamism can certainly help take you forward in all aspects of your life such as love, relationships, career and personality.

Mars Square Venus In Women

Venus is the more feminine energy in the Mars square Venus position. This can imply a sense of gentleness and beauty in women.

However, when present at this kind of angle with Mars, the aggression and energy associated with Mars can have an impact on the behavior of women as well, causing them to act in a more assured and brave way.

Women with a Mars square Venus placement in their natal chart tend to be highly ambitious and motivated. They know what they want and are not afraid to seek it out on their own.

They also tend to be quite expressive and tend to have a lot of charm and beauty that can attract people towards them.

They feel things in extremes, whether that includes love or hate. Thus, they might be volatile in terms of their behavior, but they can also be highly passionate yet gentle when the situation calls for it.

Mars Square Venus In Men

Mars is associated with more masculine energies of aggression, passion, drive and conflict or combat. In this sense, men with Mars placements in their natal chart tend to be quite volatile, vigorous and aggressive.

In a Mars square Venus position, however, men can have a combination of this kind of passion and high energy with a sense of assurance and kindness.

In men, this position can show itself through charm and intelligence. Like women with these placements, however, men too can become quite volatile and passionate, leading to conflicting situations.

They can also be quite determined and direct when it comes to what they want. As long as they learn to be honest and open about their feelings, they can create a sense of balance in their personality.

Mars Square Venus Synastry, Relationships

Synastry can be a useful way of figuring out how compatible your energies are and will be with the energies of your partner. This usually involves the process of looking at your individual natal charts to figure out how your relationship will proceed.

In this sense, you can not only get a better understanding of the good parts of your relationship with someone but also the negative aspects, the points of conflict, how your personalities will work together and where they will clash as well as ways in which you can find a sense of balance.

So, how exactly does a Mars square Venus position work when it comes to synastry and your relationships?

If you find this kind of placement, then this can suggest that your relationship with your partner (current or future) is likely to be full of passion, energy and a constant sense of attraction.

This can help keep your relationship active and new without feeling boring. However, due to the sense of passion and high levels of energy and volatility, it is also likely that there might be conflicts in terms of understanding your partner’s needs.

Due to a difference in the ways in which Mars and Venus’s placements tend to express themselves, you and your partner might often want different things from your relationship at various points in your life.

This can lead to a sense of frustration even though love and passion are certainly present. How, then, should you deal with this kind of imbalance?

A good idea can be for both of you to figure out what you want at any given time and learn how to communicate healthily with each other. Be honest and learn to respect your partner’s needs so that you can be on the same page.

Mars Square Venus Composite Chart

A composite chart is quite similar to synastry and there are bound to be several overlapping aspects when it comes to both of them. The composite chart also deals with the relationships in your life.

However, unlike synastry, the composite chart is responsible for giving you insight into the overall relationship instead of simply looking at the individual energies of you and your partner.

In terms of Mars square Venus, your composite chart can suggest that your relationship is likely to have a high level of passion that can go either way, whether that is positive or negative.

This means that just as there is likely to be love and chemistry between you and your partner, there is also likely to be plenty of fighting and clashes. Ultimately, however, as long as you learn to solve these conflicts and communicate well, your relationship will keep strengthening.

You should aim to find a sense of peace and stability so that you can learn to have a more steady relationship with your partner. If you find your emotions running ahead of you, take a breath and think in a rational manner before you take the next step.

Mars Square Venus Transit Meaning

Transit tends to suggest that any changes in the placements of the planets in your natal chart can also lead to changes in your own life and relationships.

Having a Mars square Venus transit can suggest that you should take the time to figure out what you want so that you can find a sense of balance in your life.

Channel your passion towards something that brings you happiness otherwise the passion might lead to frustration if you leave it as it is.

In terms of your relationships, a transit period is likely to lead to sexual frustration and conflict. In a healthy relationship, you can easily solve this issue but it can make problems worse if you are in a toxic relationship.

Take this moment to step back from the situation and figure out how to move forward.

Mars Square Venus Magnetic

Magnetism in your natal chart can imply that you are someone who is extremely charming and attractive with a tendency to naturally draw people towards you.

A Mars square Venus position can lead to high levels of magnetism because of the associations with charm, beauty, love and energy.

This can also suggest that you are someone who enjoys spending time and effort when it comes to your sexual and/or romantic partners. There is a lot of passion and attraction involved and you usually give in to this passion.

Mars and Venus also have several opposing traits, so this can also lead to an ‘opposites attract’ situation.

Mars Semi-Square Venus

A semi-square placement means that two of your planets are present in the same zone but at an angle of 45 degrees from each other, making it half a square.

In this sense, the traits and meanings of a semi-square are quite similar to that of a square but the extent of them can be a bit lesser and more stable.

With a Mars semi-square Venus, this can mean that you might have trouble trying to bring your masculine and feminine sides together.

It might take you some time to figure out how to move forward without losing out on your unique qualities and desires.


Through this guide, we have taken you through all the important aspects of Mars square Venus in terms of your natal charts, composite charts and synastry. Once you understand what this means for you, you can use it to improve your life and find balance without losing your true essence.

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