Mars In Astrology – Its Significance, Meaning, And Influence

The interactions between the signs and the planets form the basis of all astrological information. The planet Mars’s unique qualities in astrology affect particular aspects of an individual’s life and motivations.

Astrology Basics

Astrology is the study of how the positions of the stars and movements of the planets affect us, the world around us, and our daily lives. Your astrological profile is your birth chart, which memorializes the positions of the stars and planets at the moment of your birth.

The elements of your birth chart are also constantly interacting with the ongoing movements of the planets. While the cosmic energies affect everyone, they don’t always affect everyone in the same way. Each individual is different, as is every birth chart, and your planetary alignments help determine how the planetary movements affect you.

Astrological Elements

The primary elements of astrology are the Signs, in the form of stars and constellations, and the Planets. Because the stars are so distant from us, the constellations are constant, and the much closer planets visually appear to move relative to the stars in the sky. The interplay between these planetary elements makes up the entire study of astrology.

The Signs

Astrologers divide the heavens into twelve roughly equal segments, each of which is assigned to a constellation. These twelve constellations make up the most commonly known area of astrology – the signs. 

Each sign has particular qualities attributed to it, and the qualities associated with a particular sign also interact with the qualities of the planets passing through it. Even people unfamiliar with astrology often know their Sun sign – the constellation the Sun was in at the time of their birth. The birth dates associated with those Sun signs are as follows:

  • Aries (March 20 – April 22)
  • Taurus (April 19 – May 22)
  • Gemini (May 20 – June 22)
  • Cancer (June 20 – July 22)
  • Leo (July 21 – August 22)
  • Virgo (August 21 – September 22)
  • Libra (September 21 – October 22)
  • Scorpio (October 21 – November 22)
  • Sagittarius (November 21 – December 22)
  • Capricorn (December 20 – January 22)
  • Aquarius (January 19 – February 20)
  • Pisces (February 17 – March 21)

However, an individual’s astrological chart involves much more than the position of the Sun. Every person has every sign in their astrological chart, so it’s essential to understand each one, not just your Sun sign.

The Planets

The astrological planets are slightly different from the solar system planets you likely learned in grade school. Astrology is an ancient practice, and the people who first studied it could only see the movement of the planets from their limited perspective on Earth. 

For that reason, Earth isn’t one of the astrological planets considered in your birth chart – because your chart is drawn as seen from Earth. On the other hand, the Sun and Moon, two of the most visible celestial bodies from Earth, are prominent planets in astrology, though not in the mainstream scientific sense.

  • Sun – This is the planet whose position people most often refer to when they ask, “What’s your sign?” It represents the essential aspects of your personality.
  • Moon – The position of the Moon guides a person’s inner life – their emotions, instincts, feelings, and moods.
  • Mercury – The position and movement of Mercury in the sky impact the intellectual and communicative areas of our lives.
  • Venus – Venus is often referred to as the planet of love – romantic, platonic, and everything in between – and it also affects beauty and sex.
  • Mars – This planet gets mislabeled as the planet of war. However, it drives everything associated with direct action and initiative.
  • Jupiter – The most giant planet, Jupiter is associated with abundance and lofty concepts such as growth, philosophy, justice, and psychology.
  • Saturn – Saturn is the most rigid and systematic of the planets, governing boundaries, rationality, discipline, and ambition.
  • Uranus – This planet offers sudden and dramatic shifts in our lives and perspectives. It’s known as the planet of change.
  • Neptune – Neptune is the most spiritual of the planetary forces, offering us insights into the unseen sides of reality.
  • Pluto – The slow movement of this planet can impact the shape of an entire generation. Pluto taps into an individual’s role in the big picture of life.

Mars In Astrology

Every planet in astrology governs a particular area of an individual’s life and those same areas on a universal level. Mars, often mislabeled as the planet of war, impacts many areas of life associated with direct action. 

General Qualities

The most concise description of the energies associated with Mars is they drive our most basic animal instincts. These are our primal imperatives – to eat, to mate, to reproduce, to defend. The motivations aren’t tempered by rationality. Mars drives us to act instinctively and without hesitation.

The flip side of this is that Mars inspires our fears and things that limit us from acting with confidence. Whether the things we fear motivate us or restrict us is influenced by the position and movement of Mars.

Positive And Negative Qualities

As children, we’re often taught to suppress and deny our most primal, instinctive desires. Refusing to address our basic animal needs can cause the notorious negative aspects of Mars to appear. An unhealthy Mars in astrology can drive us to be impulsive, rash, and aggressive.

On the other hand, not all Martian energy is so damaging. While often portrayed as pushy and angry, the energies of Mars are still essential to getting our basic needs met. A healthy Mars can be assertive, adventurous, and straightforward in relationships.

The key, as with everything in the zodiac, is balance. Without any limitation or boundaries, our animal instincts can drive us to behave in dominating and uncooperative ways. A complete lack of these instincts, however, can leave us paralyzed and unmotivated to act. A healthy Mars means finding the happy medium between passivity and aggression.

Mars In The Signs

The position of Mars in a person’s astrological birth chart – which is usually different from their Sun sign – can offer a lot of information about their most basic, primal needs. Each sign has its own priorities and qualities, and the interaction between the signs and the energies of Mars shapes every individual’s animal nature.


The constellation Aries is considered the domicile of Mars because that’s where the red planet starts its journey across the sky. Those whose Mars is found in the sign of Aries are prone to acting before thinking, though this benefits them more often than not.

A Mars in Aries likes to start new projects and adventures often, though a less mature Mars may be driven to impulsivity in their life choices. Mars in Aries indicates independence and self-reliance when in balance and recklessness and selfishness when out of balance.


A person with primal instincts of Mars in the driven and determined sign of Taurus will tenaciously go after their goals until they achieve them. Once they set their mind to something, a person with this combination will pursue it as long as it takes. And it could take a long time.

Unfortunately, this tenaciousness can tip the scales into stubbornness, and a Mars in Taurus may lead them to pursue things past their prime. If this goes on long enough, they could find themselves stuck in a rut. On the bright side, the steadiness of Taurus tempers the anger of Mars, and these people tend to be more assertive than aggressive.


The drive and energy of Mars in the duality of Gemini makes for a lot of busyness, but that’s the way they like it. They are constantly flitting from one activity to another and can get bored if they find themselves working on one project for too long.

With Mars in Gemini, they often enjoy intellectual challenges and puzzles and achieve an artistic mastery of language. However, Mars in Gemini natives can be fiery when their tempers are pushed, and they tend to use their words as weapons. 


Mars in Cancer natives are driven and passionate in their homes, domestically and sensually. The nurturing side of Cancer guides all the Martian energy towards loving and supporting their home and family. The energy of Mars in Cancer is fiercely loyal, though not particularly fierce.

Without proper balance, the softness of Cancer can lead people to express their frustrations passive-aggressively instead of directly. Their emotions guide them, and while they can come off as moody, Mars in Cancer natives are usually just self-assured and protective.


With Mars in Leo, natives are natural-born performers, with their primal instincts motivating them to act with confidence and flamboyance. The sign of Leo is an organic leader, and the energies of Mars can lead people with this combination to pursue anything they do with immense pride.

On the downside, Mars in Leo natives can become aggressive and dominating if that pride is wounded. Their ego naturally gets tied up in their passions, and they need to keep sight of their honor integrity, lest they get a big head.


Virgo’s precise and methodical energy combines with Martian drive and determination to drive people with this combination to become perfectionistic. Mars in Virgo natives do everything with efficiency, accuracy, and precision, but they can become nitpicky if things don’t go exactly as planned.

People whose Mars is found in Virgo are often on a mission to improve themselves continuously, which is a noble motivation. They don’t generally push that same motivation onto others, but they have little patience for anyone who directly interferes with their methods.


The balance and judgment of Libra slow down the drive and motivation of Mars. Mars in Libra natives often spend a long time deliberating before deciding on any course of action, though they do get there eventually. 

If there’s anything that can get someone with Mars in Libra riled up, it’s injustice. Though passive and pacifistic, they can pursue justice causes with an enthusiasm and tenacity that only Mars can explain. Libra’s persuasiveness and the pushiness of Mars require a constant balancing act.


Those with Mars in Scorpio can pursue their goals and desires to the point of obsession. Scorpio’s intensity is turned up to a fever pitch with the influence of Mars, and Mars in Scorpio natives have little patience for small talk or pleasantries.

The depth and privacy of Scorpio can make Martian energies go unnoticed, and anyone in competition with a Mars in Scorpio native will be caught off guard by the challenge. It’s usually a fair (if brutal) fight, but those with Mars in Scorpio can turn manipulative if out of balance.


The Martian energies in Sagittarius drive these natives to aim their arrow high and fire it with confidence. They are often idealistic and optimistic, although sometimes this can drive them to take more risks than are wise. A dose of practicality can always benefit people with this combination in their chart.

They’re playful and fun-loving, but when they run into a problem, they don’t have much patience for waiting around to fix it. They’d much rather run away than sit and deal with it. Mars in Sagittarius natives may confuse people close to them with their competing laid-back and driven energies, but that duality is just part of their nature.


Mars in Capricorn natives personifies the adage, “Slow and steady wins the race.” They are not flashy with the pursuit of their goals. They move toward them with quiet determination.

If left to their own devices, people whose Mars is found in Capricorn can tend toward workaholism. They can sometimes chase after their dreams with a tenacity that can run them ragged.


Those with Mars in Aquarius can confuse those who are used to doing things in the usual way. Mars in Aquarius natives aren’t content with that, preferring to think outside the box and do things in their unique way.

They love intellectual pursuits almost as much as they enjoy getting their way. Their emotional detachment can make Mars in Aquarius natives appear distant, but they usually approach their feelings more logically and rationally than most. 


Mars in Pisces natives will rarely be accused of pursuing anything directly. They like to go with the flow and allow the things of life to happen to them. On the other hand, when they decide they want something, they’re not afraid to play a couple of games to get it.

Codependency is a risk with Mars in compassionate Pisces. These types may find themselves putting the needs of others above their own. Resentment in people with this planetary alignment can lead to passive-aggressiveness if they’re not watchful to avoid it.

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