Where Is The Coldest Place In The Universe?

Where Is The Coldest Place In The Universe

There are several places in the universe that are colder than we can ever imagine here on this planet. Of these, what and where is the coldest place in the universe? What temperatures does it see and how does it manage to remain so cold? Let’s find out below! Coldest Place In The Universe: Short … Read more

Stellar Classification: All You Need To Know

Stellar Classification All You Need To Know

You probably know that there are different kinds of stars up there. Even if you didn’t, you’ve probably looked up at the clear night sky and noticed that not all of them look alike. The classification of stars is based on multiple parameters and you’ll see what some of the important ones tell us about these … Read more

How Far Is The Sun From Earth?

How Far Is The Sun From Earth

We all look at the sky and wonder sometimes how far away from us the Sun is and what it takes to reach it. Some might even be wondering what it takes to reach the Sun. If you know that the sun doesn’t have a solid surface, well, at least you’re not wondering what it’s … Read more

Andromeda Galaxy Planets [All We Know So Far]

andromeda galaxy planets

It’s actually very difficult to find planets outside our own solar system. That’s because, unlike stars, planets don’t emit light. Planets outside our solar system are called exoplanets. The confirmed ones are within the boundaries of the Milky Way, our galaxy. But we’ve made some progress with respect to the galaxy Andromeda. Here’s all about … Read more