Moon Square Uranus In Natal Charts, Composite Charts & Synastry


Squares in astrology mean that the two planets or bodies are at an angle of 9o degrees from each other, often resulting in conflict, tension and a need to take action so as to create harmony and balance.

When it comes to a Moon square Uranus aspect in your charts, you are likely to experience certain specific traits, events, situations, relationship patterns and behaviors that you can learn more about below.

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Moon Square Uranus In Natal Chart Meaning & Experience

Astrologically speaking, the Moon tends to symbolize instincts, desires, beauty, emotions, thoughts, independence, vulnerability, freedom, expression and the subconscious. Uranus is a planet that represents invention, innovation, change, progress, kindness, originality, radicalism and revolution.

Thus, when it comes to a Moon square Uranus aspect, the intense energies of your emotional nature, need for freedom, desire for change and a need to make the world around you better can often create too much stimulation around you, resulting in a conscious effort on your part to create balance and stability.

There are bound to be many exciting moments in your life due to this aspect. Your passion and sense of quirkiness can lead you to situations that bring enthusiasm and happiness to your life while also proving to be quite thrilling.

You usually have your own way of taking action, but this can often come across as strange and weird to the people around you. As long as you find that it makes you happy without hurting others, however, staying true to yourself can make you feel alive and fulfilled.

You are also quite rebellious, but this can also run the risk of becoming a rebel without a cause. Taking the time to pick your battles and ground yourself can help your own mental and emotional state.

Moon Square Uranus In Women, Personality Aspects

A Moon square Uranus aspect in a woman’s natal chart can imply passion, excitement, freedom, independence, creativity, vitality, drive and beauty. You have a strong sense of justice and strive to bring about change in the immediate world around you that can adhere to this notion of justice.

This might create some tension and strain in your relationships with people, especially if you desire a certain kind of response from them.

You are quite innovative and love creating and experimenting. Combined with your principles and revolutionary spirit, you are likely to be working in creative and developmental sectors that can help you express yourself well.

You are bound to gain plenty of attention due to your instinctive and desire-driven behavior. While some of this can be negative, you are also likely to have quite a bit of popularity among your peers and in your relationships.

You are open-minded and love exploring but might have trouble sticking to a certain job, place or relationship, causing you to move around quite a bit without forming meaningful and stable relationships of any kind.

It is, therefore, essential to make sense of what or who can bring steadiness, fairness as well as excitement in your life so that you can find a way to relax and rest.

Moon Square Uranus In Men, Personality Aspects

Common traits for men with a Moon square Uranus aspect in their natal charts include open-mindedness, passion, drive, desire for change, ambition, power, independence and enthusiasm.

You are sometimes an impulsive person who often relies on instincts to get through a given situation. While this might often pay off and give you the results that you need, sometimes you might have to rely more on your effort and steadiness to get the desired outcome, whether that’s your career, a life decision or a relationship.

You can also frequently exhibit leadership skills through your desire for change and transformations, often finding yourself a part of or even leading a group of people in a revolution or a movement to inspire change.

What you hope to be harmless and thrill-seeking can sometimes end up becoming reckless, so make sure you know when and how to balance out your tendencies and emotions. Looking for and accepting solutions that you would otherwise not opt for can also sometimes help.

Due to your eccentric, intriguing and charming personality, you are bound to be quite popular among people, soaking up all the attention gladly. When it gets too much, don’t hesitate to take a break and a breather.

Moon Square Uranus Anger & Violence – Can It Be Dangerous?

How can a Moon square Uranus aspect affect your dealings with anger and violence? Generally speaking, you are quite easygoing and do not usually take things personally.

More often than not, however, the anger you feel can be a result of things not going your way due to the state of the world. The change you are striving for in your family, among your friends or in your society can be hard to come by, resulting in frustration and rage.

Due to the emotional upheavals that you might experience, controlling this anger can become difficult, often turning to violence if you are provoked. This is particularly possible due to the rebellious and revolutionary spirit of Uranus, so if you are in such a situation, you might feel the need to express anger as violence against the perpetrators.

On a more personal scale, you are unlikely to become violent, instead exhibiting denial or suppression of your feelings, expressing them only when you feel the need. It is important for you to gather your thoughts and talk freely.

Moon Square Uranus Synastry, Relationships


Synastry is a way of comparing two natal charts to determine the compatibility of the two people involved. A Moon square Uranus synastry can mean that you have lots of chemistry between you, resulting in an exciting and passionate relationship, no matter what the nature of that relationship is.

People might often perceive your relationship as strange or unique or even something they cannot fathom, but as long as you have a healthy, open and happy relationship, there is no need for you to pay attention to others.

However, due to the emotional intensities, changing desires and lack of proper expression and communication, you might experience frequent ups and downs and constantly changing states. Over time and with enough honesty and transparency, you might be able to gain a more equal and happy footing.

Moon Square Uranus For Sex & Sexuality

You might have an interesting and experimental sex life with plenty of openness and willingness to try new things since both the Moon and Uranus can be quite free, exploratory and radical when it comes to what and who they desire.

It might sometimes be possible that the Uranus person might run ahead of the Moon person in terms of what they want to try out, which is why forming a middle ground is essential. This also applies to intimacy, which the Moon placement might require more often.

You are both also likely to be quite sexually active, with each other or even with other people before, during or after your current relationship.

Moon Square Uranus Composite Chart

A composite chart is a single chart that can reveal several things about your relationship. If you have a Moon square Uranus aspect in your composite chart with your partner, this can indicate that there might be issues with free expression and emotional closeness.

Fluctuations are likely to be common with healthy, open and supportive periods at one point and closed off periods at another point.

Codependency might also end up developing due to the nature of your relationship, which is why having healthy boundaries and establishing a system of communication that works well for both of you can help, even if it might be unconventional.

The Moon placement might sometimes feel the need to agree to whatever the Uranus placement suggests, which is why assertion on both sides is necessary.

Moon Square Uranus Transit Meaning

In transit, this aspect can be full of action. You might feel like a certain situation has reached its climax, making you feel confused, frustrated, angry, impulsive and more rebellious than usual. Learn some calming techniques and deal with the situation in a sensitive manner to get through this period of transit.

Moon Square Uranus Magnetic

Your magnetism level is off the charts, especially when the excitement is high and new. People are drawn to your charm, beauty, impulsiveness, intuitive strength, perception abilities and way of seeing all your desires through.

Moon Semi-Square Uranus

Instead of being at a 90-degree angle, a semi-square means a 45-degree separation. The conflicts and tensions are similar in kind but less intense in degree. See what works best for the situation you are in and find a way to leave your mark and do what you truly want but only after thinking it through.


A Moon square Uranus aspect can cause several ups and downs. High energy, desire-driven actions, emotional intensity, sensitivity, confusion, rebellion and lots more might be a part of your life, requiring you to find balance and a way of grounding yourself.

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