Venus Sextile Mars In Natal Charts, Composite Charts & Synastry


The Venus sextile Mars is a positive aspect and people in this aspect are naturally attractive, charismatic and charming. Energetic, full of enthusiasm and pleasant Venus sextile Mars people easily win everyone’s heart. If you want to know all about the Venus sextile Mars aspect, read on.

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Venus Sextile Mars In Natal Chart Meaning & Experience

The Venus sextile Mars in natal gives you an engaging, vivacious and honest personality. Your attractive nature and appearance make you socially popular and you belong to the “in” crowd. Your beauty, as well as your friendly nature, is not superficial.

You love life and have a zest for it and you want to experience everything with passion. Your peaceful and harmonious nature ensures that you attract genuine and non-aggressive people, be it, friends or partners. By nature, you are charismatic and are sure to excel in any career where your nature can influence people positively.

You are very versatile, with your sporty, creative and playful nature. You are a happy, energetic, affectionate, fun, active, warm and sociable person and your nature makes it easy for you to forge harmonious relationships with people of the opposite sex. You are romantic at heart while being balanced and fair.

You like everyone and the feeling is mutual; however, you find inactive people rather frustrating. When it comes to romantic relationships, you can throw yourself into the affair fully and don’t like doing anything in half. You try everything possible to make your relationship work and sometimes, your romantic and sexual dreams turn into artistic pursuits.

You are family-oriented and when it comes to marriage, you are very loyal. However, you may get married for financial reasons. You don’t hesitate a bit to share your time and resources and your popularity may help you advance in your career. You tend to be quite good with any business deal or artistic pursuit like dancing, sports, etc.

Venus Sextile Mars In Women and Men, Personality Aspects


The woman in the Venus sextile Mars aspect is very confident and is easily able to start a conversation with anyone she likes and even flirts with the man. And, if she is single and is attracted to a man, then it is best not to waste the energy and take advantage of the situation, making the first move.

The planet Mars is the male energy, symbolizing power while Venus denotes the female energy. A harmonious combination of both planets is great for the man and woman relationship in the Venus sextile Mars aspect.

Both women and men in the Venus sextile Mars aspect have warm personalities. Romantic by nature, they are gentle, kind, passionate and perfect lovers. Their warm personalities come from the fact that the women and men in this aspect love life and are in love with themselves.

Communication flows very easily between the man and woman and can be quite pleasant. They are caring and open people and are very protective of the people who are very dear to them.

Venus sextile Mars is neither passive romantic nor aggressive. They love to be in a relationship that is active where both the woman and man are imaginative and lively.

Venus Sextile Mars Synastry, Relationships


When it comes to romance and love, the Venus sextile Mars synastry is a positive aspect. The people in this aspect are naturally very lovable and charming and easily win each other’s hearts.

They are passionate lovers; however, they must have a very close connection with their partner and physical attraction is a very important component of their relationship.

Venus sextile Mars people are sensible and admire the beauty. They can be very romantic and if they have set their heart to winning someone over, they can even fight for their love.

Their charm is very difficult to resist and is willing to do whatever it takes to win the person over. If rejected, they don’t give up very easily but are not forceful or boring.

People in the Venus sextile Mars synastry are creative, with a good sense for art. They want a lover who can share their passions with them and they hate passivity the most. They are willing to invest their entire selves into the romantic relationship and expect that their partner will do the same.

Venus Sextile Mars For Sex & Sexuality

People of the Venus sextile Mars aspect are peaceful and harmonious by nature and can attract genuine and non-aggressive partners. However, they want that their partner is sensual and can meet their sexual desires.

Venus sextile Mars people have a healthy attitude towards sex. They are loving and need a regular sexual outlet. And, because of this, any relationship that is less sexually satisfying may even lead to infidelity.

Venus Sextile Mars Composite Chart


When one person’s composite Venus forms a sextile with the composite Mars of the other individual, the relationship that is formed is where the energy flows beautifully between both you and your partner.

You are in sync with your partner and the timing between both of you is very good. Both of you find one another stimulating and while you don’t want to shake up your romantic or sexual relationship, you don’t mind trying new things to keep the spark between you alive.

Petty arguments between you and your partner are quite rare unless there are challenging components in your composite chart. The chemistry between your partner and you can be quite inspiring to others and so it is important to stop and appreciate it once in a while.

Venus Sextile Mars Transit Meaning

The Venus sextile Mars transit is usually very short-lived lasting for around 1-4 days; however, the aspect has a soft harmonious influence. The transit is very gentle and supportive, which can bring a sense of relief to some tensions by bringing more harmony and enabling you to achieve your goals.

The Venus sextile Mars transit is best for socializing and romance. It is a perfect combination of affection and sexuality, where you feel and look sexy. The transit offers the best time for dating because of your playful nature and you’re likely to attract someone who is as sexy and sensual as you’re feeling.

The attraction between both people is quite intense, filled with chemistry and not superficial. If you’re going out for some fun or on a date, you feel pleasantly stimulated and things should generally be very smooth. The transit can get you charged with positive emotions.

You can be assertive and confident and chase your desires without appearing to be threatening to the other person. The Venus sextile Mars transit is a great time for people in a relationship and they can find it enjoyable to spend time with their partner.

If you want to surprise your partner or do something with them that they really enjoy, then the transit is the best time for it. If there was some conflict in the relationship, then this may be the best time to fix it. This transit is a great time to interact with people and show your feelings for others.

And, if you’re single and things start getting zingy with your partner, then you should not be afraid and simply live your passions without any fear. It is the time for attending parties, social events, dinners and having fun in groups.

Your friends will be very happy around you because of the energy you exude and you will be the center of attraction. The Venus sextile Mars transit is a good time to fix important meetings, personal or business related. The transit may be the time where you may spend money on buying jewelry, clothes, cosmetics and things that increase your self-esteem.

Venus Sextile Mars Magnetic


Individuals in the Venus sextile Mars have magnetic personalities. They are seductive and irresistible. Generally, people in this aspect are straightforward; however, they know what they desire and enjoy indulging in love games.

Venus Semi-Square Mars

In the Venus semi-square Mars aspect, Venus is energized by Mars and under this energy, relationships, romance and creativity blossom. The semi-square represents a challenge and both people in the aspect must find a compromise. While Venus stands for openness, love and reciprocity, Mars denotes drive and personal will. Both Venus and Mars together unite with compassion and empathy.


In conclusion, the Venus sextile Mars is a positive one and people belonging to this aspect are naturally charismatic, attractive and charming with a strong sense of inner harmony. The aspect means that you can learn to act on your charm and learn to showcase it.

You intuitively know what is pleasing but may not use these skills properly. The Venus sextile Mars aspect enables you to sharpen these skills and learn how to make the image that you present to others that is charming and pleasing.

The aspect also allows you to hone your creative skills and artistic abilities. However, all these skills do not come completely naturally to you and can be developed over time with practice. Understanding the Venus sextile Mars aspect can help individuals to overcome their shortcomings by working on their positive characteristics.

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