Venus Trine Pluto In Natal Charts, Composite Charts & Synastry

The planet Venus denotes exuberant, demonstrative and pure love and creativity, while the lord of the underworld, Pluto, influences other planets with his power, depth and intensity.

The Venus trine Pluto aspect is considered to be a positive aspect that shows an easy and free-flowing relationship between both the planets without too much effort to manifest the energies between them. And, if you want to know all about the Venus trine Pluto aspect, here is a complete rundown.

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Venus Trine Pluto In Natal Chart Meaning & Experience

The Venus trine Pluto in natal charts is generally positive, adding intensity and depth to your feelings, as well as all things you love. The main influence of the aspect is on your love life and other relationships that are very dear to you. You take relationships very seriously and fall in love deeply.

You are passionate about all your personal relationships and your focus is all inclusive. You either relate completely with your entire self or are not interested. The Venus trine Pluto natal makes your presence quite empowering in your relationships with others. You are not only perceptive enough to penetrate the drive and core purpose of others but you can also relate with them in such a way that brings it all out.

If you’re in a new relationship, you are completely committed in terms of your feelings, passion and caring. This interest and deep devotion can be overwhelming for the other person and any rejection can be extremely painful for you. So, it is important to make relationships with people who are like minded, serious and deep.

Your needs are very deep and there is a depth of intensity in your personal style, as well as aesthetics. You are very creative and are drawn to music, art, poetry or other forms of creativity.

You love everything beautiful and enjoy beautifying your surroundings and yourself. Money is quite important to you and you may have a strong determination and ambition to be rich.

Venus Trine Pluto Anger & Violence – Can It Be Dangerous?

The Venus trine Pluto creates powerful desires and urges in you, which can sometimes cause intense desire to control others and also lead to negative feelings like jealousy and possessiveness.

You may encounter problems like obsession and control issues; however, these are quite easy to work through and you have the capability to do it. Personal circumstances such as feelings of not having enough or scarcity of resources can cause financial problems and make you angry.

Venus Trine Pluto Synastry, Relationships

The Venus trine Pluto synastry creates very strong and intense relationships, full of intense emotions and passion. And, the deep attachment between both partners in the relationship can border on obsession, which keeps them together, without wanting to let the other out of their sight. In fact, the deep, magnetic attraction between the two is palpable.

Both the partners in the Venus trine Pluto synastry love each other intensely and this binds them together in a strong bond and ensures that they are never bored with one another.

The Venus trine Pluto aspect creates both a physical, as well as emotional bond, transforming both partners completely. Both people in this aspect want to be together at all times and are usually joined at the hip.

Both don’t want to leave the relationship and are usually willing to do anything to overcome any challenges to maintain the relationship. Both partners understand the importance of the relationship and work towards resolving any dispute very quickly. There is a very strong element of trust between Venus and Pluto and they aren’t afraid of being vulnerable with one another.

The feelings between Venus and Pluto are so intense that at times, it can be quite frightening for both people in the relationship. The Venus partner is usually affectionate, warm and sensual, while the Pluto partner is usually the one with more power. However, in the presence of Venus, the Pluto partner can lose control because they find Venus extremely fascinating and attractive.

At times, the Pluto partner can get quite possessive of Venus; however, Venus enjoys the strong and reliable Pluto and will not mind the possessiveness. While the Venus trine Pluto is mostly a favorable aspect, this combination can get so intense that it can burn both the people in the relationship.

Both partners in the aspect must understand that they should slow things down and focus on other facets of the relationship instead of being just obsessed with the physical aspect. And, for some reason, if the relationship does end, then this Venus-Pluto relationship will be the one that both partners will remember as the most important one in their lives.

Venus Trine Pluto For Sex & Sexuality

The Venus trine Pluto is a very sexual partnership and most of the sexual experiences between the two people feel very natural. Both people in this aspect are not afraid of the power and control dynamics that are at play in the relationship.

There is plenty of sexual attraction and expression in the Venus trine Pluto and both partners tend to be consumed by each other, as well as the relationship. When Venus and Pluto meet, right from the start you can feel a very strong sexual attraction between both and there is a powerful, charged energy around them.

The Pluto partner is all mysterious, mesmerizing Venus, while in turn becoming so fascinated with Venus to the point of becoming completely obsessed. Both partners display intense physical attraction and physical intimacy and may be prone to attacks of jealousy. However, the partnership offers an overall sense of fulfillment both physically and emotionally and there are very few chances of the relationship becoming stale.

Venus Trine Pluto Composite Chart

The Venus trine Pluto in the composite chart denotes that the relationship between the partners is hardly casual. It is destined to change your and your partner’s attitude towards values, love and relationships. The need to bond and be loyal is very strong and you are willing to adapt, change and even make sacrifices for the relationship.

The Venus trine Pluto aspect arouses passionate feelings in both partners and you are willing to do everything to keep these feelings alive. You are both willing to compromise without demanding more than the other is capable of giving.

Venus Trine Pluto Transit Meaning

The Venus trine Pluto transit adds passion to all the things and relationships that bring satisfaction and joy. In general, you feel very deeply about your loved ones, especially your partner. And, the increased need for love and affection makes this an excellent time for intimate relationships.

You’re likely to find yourself in a new romance, which can become rather intense. The relationship could last for a long time and even be long term, although the intensity level is likely to diminish over time.

The Venus trine Pluto transit may ensure a good financial situation, which allows you to indulge in some luxury items, maybe jewelry, fashion, cosmetics, etc.

This may be a good time to decorate your home or workplace. And, if you’re the creative or artistic type, then you may find yourself very busy. This transit may mean that you experience an increased drive to follow your desires.

And, in the recent past, if you have felt that you are stuck or something has been stopping you from fulfilling your needs, then this may be the time that there is some sort of opening, urging you forward to manifest them into reality.

While this transit is most likely a temporary one, nevertheless, it is sure to provide the empowerment and impetus needed so that you take the initiative towards development. And, if you happen to meet someone who shares the same purpose and values as you, then they may provide you the support and resources you need to attain a new level of growth. Overall, during this time, you will get all the resources and help you need from your relationship.

Venus Semi-Square Pluto

The Venus semi-square Pluto is characterized by an intense attraction between both, which may border on being uncomfortable. There is a fine line between love and hate and the connection is practically primal.

The sexual attraction between the two people is intense and you’re likely to deal with problems caused due to volatile emotions, jealousy and possessiveness. Both partners in the relationship may be experiencing some deep-rooted insecurities and the fear of losing each other.

The Venus semi-square Pluto aspect may be indicative of unreciprocated love, resulting in anger or hatred. The relationship may be categorized by manipulation and power struggles. And, if for some reason, the relationship does break, then both partners find the passion too difficult to forget and cannot simply remain as friends.


When you consider the Venus and Pluto aspects, they are iconic, as well as deeply transformative. And, similarly, when you consider the relationships in the Venus trine Pluto, they are deeply intense and transformative as well. The Venus trine Pluto placement makes you appear powerful and confident around others and people are drawn to you naturally.

The Venus trine Pluto aspect has its worst and best. The worst of these can cause problems with control, power, love addictions and manipulation but at their best, when you emerge from your struggles, your relationship will be an intimate, intense, spiritual and evolved one. And, understanding the Virgo trine Pluto can help you meet the challenges and deal with them effectively.

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