Venus Square Pluto In Natal Charts, Composite Charts & Synastry

Square aspects are very influential and affect our lives in many different ways. Planetary squares govern different aspects of our lives like character traits, relationships, challenges and compatibility between two individuals.

A Venus square Pluto is a very powerful aspect to have in your chart. Venus is very significant for personal relationships, whereas Pluto is known to govern birth and death. Understanding their effects will help you navigate your life better.

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Venus Square Pluto In Natal Chart Meaning

Venus square Pluto chart in natal charts signifies a very complex person. Venus has a big influence on passion, desire and relationships whereas Pluto is associated with attraction and vulnerability.

A Venus square Pluto in the natal chart indicates a lot of challenges in your path that will help you evolve into a better person. If you have this aspect in your natal chart, all your actions are driven by passion and emotion.

You need to learn to practice balance in all aspects of your life. A tendency to focus too much on the emotional could land you in trouble. You need to learn to use your emotional sensibility to your advantage.

It also determines the kind of partners you choose. You have very intense relationships that are often riddled with power struggles.

This is Pluto’s influence on your relationship and you need to protect your relationship from heading down a dark path.

This aspect concerns Venus and Pluto. The former is a symbol of love, beauty and art whereas the latter symbolizes trials and tribulations, power struggles and evolution. This points towards a lifelong of struggling with or balancing love and power in your life.

Venus Square Pluto In Women

Women under the influence of Venus square Pluto are strong, sensuous females with a very passionate emotional side. Venus is a symbol of femininity and women under this aspect often have a ‘femme fatale’ personality.

They are not damsels in distress by any means. Venus square Pluto women are strong, capable and know exactly what they want. The people around them are always attracted to them, whether they know it or not.

In relationships, these women have a tendency to ‘give their all’ to their partners. Consequently, it can be quite crushing when the partner does not reciprocate the intensity of their feelings.

If you are a woman under the influence of Venus square Pluto, you need stability to root yourself. Try to make logical decisions regarding your love life and always maintain your self-confidence.

Your insecurities can make you doubt everyone around you and invite a lot of conflict into your life. It will be hard, but you need to put extra effort into controlling your extreme emotions if you want to restore balance to your relationships.

Venus Square Pluto In Men

Men under the influence of Venus square Pluto are magnetic personalities who can charm their way into getting their way all the time. They have a penetrating gaze and people feel compelled to trust them completely.

They have a lot of energy and a very strong emotional side. This often results in violence and vindictiveness, leaving the people around them uncomfortable or afraid.

The intensity of emotion and passion needs to be channeled towards productive ends to help prevent it from destroying personal relationships.

Since men with this aspect have a thirst for power and control, it might be healthy to learn how to give up control.

It can help prevent you from becoming a controlling and possessive individual, especially in personal relationships. It will also help you deal with anxiety on the professional front.

In their youth, Venus square Pluto men are drawn to dark and mysterious things and often develop a ‘bad boy’ image. This phase either evolves into something different in adulthood or ends completely.

Venus Square Pluto Synastry, Relationships

Synastry is the astrological study of two individuals to determine the characteristics and course of their relationship. Couples with a Venus square Pluto synastry could have a very tumultuous relationship.

With the involvement of Pluto, there is a very strong energy in the relationship. It can be healing for the people involved, but there is also a possibility of the relationship turning toxic.

The attraction, in the beginning, is quite intense and the relationship starts off on a very high note. The sexual attraction is unbelievable and you feel a lot of passion for each other.

It feels unlike anything you have ever felt before and it seems like it was meant to be. Later, you unleash all the raw emotions you have been holding back so far. The intensity of your feelings can make you possessive, jealous, manipulative or controlling.

If you want to make this relationship work, you need to start being open about your feelings. You are both obsessed with each other, so there is no question of the relationship fizzling out.

If you can put some effort into understanding each other’s feelings, you could end up in an extremely loving relationship.

Venus Square Pluto Composite Chart

A composite chart is like a natal chart for your relationship. It is created using the midpoints of the two individual’s corresponding planets and is used to learn about the relationship shared by these individuals.

Owing to the two planets involved, Venus square Pluto in the composite chart points towards a very intense and passionate relationship. The intimacy is high right from the start, leaving the partners with high expectations of each other.

When these expectations are not met, there is a conflict in the relationship. You should avoid engaging in a power struggle and try to approach each other with love and compassion.

Resist from thinking of your relationship as an ‘all or nothing’ situation and try to take on each disagreement as it comes.

Extremes in emotions cause unstable relationships where people can’t trust each other. Try to balance your emotions with each other by having an active social life and varied interests.

Venus Square Pluto Transit Meaning

Transit periods are always full of change and transformation. A Venus square Pluto transit can bring about difficult changes in relationships and financial matters.

Managing money will become difficult, so you should buckle up for a low financial period.

You might experience betrayal in love or conflicts in a relationship, which may leave you feeling drained. However, don’t be disheartened because it will lead you to a transformation that will prove beneficial to your life.

Your relationship will either weather this storm and emerge stronger than before or it will come to its inevitable end. Individual insecurities can lead you to behave in a very jealous or possessive manner, hurting your partner.

Try not to make any big decisions during this time. There are many external forces at work causing you to lose control of your life. Hold off on making any big changes until you feel more emotionally stable and balanced.

If your relationship is able to stand true through this trial, it is a sign that you are looking at a committed and fulfilling long-term relationship.

You need to be very careful not to engage in any power struggles during this period. It can be an emotionally charged time in your life and you already have a lot on your plate to deal with. Try not to invite more conflict into your life.

Venus Semi-Square Pluto

Venus semi-square Pluto aspect comes into effect when Venus is exactly 45 degrees from Pluto. Energy gets blocked at this angle and causes changes in the events of your life.

Square aspects can have a lot of influence on external matters in your life, but semi-square aspects have a deep impact on your psyche. During this time, you will face an internal tussle between the things you want and the things you actually need.

Your attraction towards people and things could lead you down the wrong path. With this aspect, there is a strong need to reel in your feelings and avoid going to the emotional extremes in every situation.

Your experiences during this time could lead you to develop a fear of relationships. Dealing with crisis after crisis extracts an emotional toll and you might start feeling like it is not worth it anymore.

Thus, try to conserve your energy and disengage from the things that create conflict. Self-awareness and meditation can help you with finding peace and stability.


Square aspects are quite powerful and always bring about a wave of change in your life. With a Venus square Pluto aspect, you can expect powerful changes in your love life and finances.

People with this aspect in their natal chart are always charming personalities who always attract attention. There is a strong association with leadership and authority, so you will find yourself in a powerful position in your career.

As for relationships, this aspect can be tumultuous. There is a lot of intensity and passion involved, which can turn problematic if you don’t learn to express love in healthy ways.

However, both of you have extremely strong feelings for each other, which could act as a unifier and help you deal with all your issues.

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