Sun Square Pluto In Natal Charts, Composite Charts & Synastry


The sun represents light, which in turn signifies life. Also known as a luminous star, it indicates one’s underlying self, particularly their ego. It is also a sign of our creative power, helping us to understand our potential to meet the obstacles of our daily lives.

Pluto, on the other hand, represents the subconscious self, so when it pairs up with the sun, your understanding of life begins to reflect your internal view of yourself, making you realize your inner desires and sense of self completely. Despite this, though, outside distractions may cause you to focus on something that isn’t necessarily what you want, whether that be through making you feel like you lack something, or forcing you to partake in an activity that you don’t want to.  

Knowing about the various aspects triggering you if you were born in the sun square pluto aspect is important in that it helps you to uncover certain weaknesses that are preventing you from achieving your full potential, and pushes you to be your authentic self.

Sun Square Pluto In Natal Chart Meaning

When it comes to your close relationships, the sun square pluto natal chart indicates they are significantly affected given your emotional tendencies. In particular, conflicts within your ego can arise due to wanting to gain closure over situations. When you feel that you are unable to gain control, you may experience anxiety which can lead to making those around you feel nervous as well. Often, you find that your tendency to be in control leads to conflict with individuals who are in a particularly powerful position.

To achieve peace in close relationships, a change in the way you address different situations is needed. But the inner conflicts faced by your ego can lead you to reach a higher level of spiritual awakening. While it is difficult to deal with this conflicting state, it becomes easier to detach from negative habits and situations without having to indulge in overly-controlling behavior.

To experience a state of comfort, you must familiarize yourself with some situations that reflect a more complicated side of life, such as fear or uncertainty about the dark, death, or uncertain circumstances. The indulgement in activities that may feel dangerous to your life such as exploring various sides of your sexual and leisure life might actually lead you to enhance your perspective of life and cause a rapid transformation of your self.

Within the sun square pluto aspect, the lack of controlling every situation at all times can lead to a very refreshing feeling, relieving a great amount of pain. All being said, the determination to bring about a successful life should not be avoided, achieved through hard work and consistency. Remaining with a goal without the need to compete with others may lead to a more rewarding sense of achievement in the area you desire.

Sun Square Pluto Synastry, Relationships

The sun square pluto aspect in a synastry can encourage a couple to have profound effect on one another, causing a relationship that is both full of love and hate at the same time. The result may be a feeling of not being powerful enough and attempting to dominate the other person in the relationship.

At times, there may be a case of addiction, wanting to know everything that goes on one another’s life or mind, with the potential of the relationship turning very possessive. Sun square pluto unions can also have a very sexual element to them, where partners are very invested in each other emotionally and sexually. This can lead you to a sense of passion, leading to a chaotic union instead of a peaceful one.  

Despite this, you can also have a long-term relationship, even though it will once again be filled with lots of emotions from which both partners will have to eventually detach and grow stronger.

All in all, the sun square pluto synastry aspect is a rollercoaster of a journey. Relationships’ aim is to become steady after lots of arguments and misunderstandings, achieving a form of calm after the storm. You and your partner must ensure not to appear to be controlling the other, and such tendencies are usually addressed successfully through inner healing and reflection.

Sun Square Pluto Composite Chart

The primary issue faced by the sun square pluto composite chart is that partners seek to control the relationship itself, given that feelings for each other are profound and deep, usually developed after the relationship has begun with very intense feelings.

If either one of you signifies that the relationship may not be the most important aspect of your lives, a sense of fear may show up. Feelings of intense longing or desire may result, leading to significantly negative emotions if they are not met. These negative feelings are best avoided, such as elements of envy and control, instead focusing on the positive aspects that your relationship brings to your life, such as love and fulfillment.

Sun Square Pluto Transit Meaning

The sun square pluto transit indicates to power struggles when facing individuals who are in a more privileged position. A conflicting relationship with someone else can result in an overwhelming feeling which can then lead to destructive behavior. Such conflicts can ultimately lead you to either stay in your position or evolve from that.

In addition, intense conflicts may lead to inner psychological issues that may have resulted from past lives, or been a reflection of a more recent burden such as addiction, spiritual distress, or assault. Ultimately, this transit interpretation for sun square pluto can also be implemented in a polar eclipse and new moon square pluto reading.  

Sun Semi-Square Pluto

Pluto has the reputation of triggering your most vulnerable emotions, including natural feelings such as anxiety or nervousness. You may also be in a position where you might reverse a particular decision, as well as having an inability to let your most innate desires out. On the other hand, this calls for a level of personal transformation that can only manifest after dealing with inner wounds.

While personal transformation is guaranteed, sometimes there may be an obstacle in the way, but this is easily overcome by your willingness to focus on your goals.

The greatest motivation behind your determination is fulfilling your own desire, but also proving yourself to those around you who may have doubted your potential or abilities. Despite feelings of self-doubt and insufficiency, you are able to understand through the pluto part of yourself that determination is an integral part of your inner self, capable of fulfilling your deepest wishes.


The sun square pluto aspect shows you that while you may be experiencing deep struggles within your ego, your subconscious self is slowly growing, aiming for a level of soul transformation that requires going through those obstacles.

Eventually, the resulting satisfaction and understanding after a long time of doubting your own capabilities fills you with a purpose that you may not have been aware was always there.

When feelings of having to be in control of every situation begin to fade away, you realize that you can let your guard down and enjoy experiences you witness, feeling less challenged and more in tune with your spiritual self. Ultimately, this change allows you to access a deeper sense of who you are and distinguish between what is holding you back and what motivates you.

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