Sun Square Neptune In Natal Charts, Composite Charts & Synastry


Our Sun reflects our vital energy and consciousness, our conscious self and its expression. It is our will to live and our creative energy. It is also a symbol of health. A well aspected Sun will depict a person who is compassionate, giving, and caring of others. A poorly aspected Sun will describe a person who either has much more difficulty accessing this love and caring ability. In your chart, the position of the Sun sign represents your life purpose and style in which you make your mark in the world.

The poor aspect of the Sun describes an individual who has a great deal of trouble accessing love and caring in their lives. Your chart represents the way that you make your mark on the world based on the position of the sign.

Neptune is linked to spirituality, extrasensory observations, magic, as well as daydreaming, fantasy, fairy tales, but it can also, on the other hand, represent drunkenness and sexual abuse. Represents the spirit in its higher echelons: spiritualism and in particular religion and mysticism.

Knowing about the exact alterations a square aspect with Neptune can cause to take place in your life helps you in understanding areas in your life that could use a bit of improvement, so that you are able to harness the best possible version of yourself and your abilities.

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Sun Square Neptune In Natal Chart Meaning

Sun square Neptune in your natal chart creates many battles that you must overcome in order to feel strong and confident. Since you are such a sensitive and caring person, you can easily become a victim of injustice. Losses and disappointments will further erode your self-esteem. and trust. If you don’t take corrective action, you could become very confused, alienated, paranoid, or addicted to drugs or alcohol.  

Actually you will  be forced to deal with your weaknesses from an early age. Because of your insecurities and gullibility, stronger people will bully you or try to trick you.Others may have trouble trusting you or  may feel that you are up to no good. This is not the case, but when you are young you can give this perception of blame. It’s like wearing a label around you that reads “Blame me.” Hesitation, misunderstanding and false accusations can make you more vulnerable to discrimination, controversy and scandal.

To fix these problems, you need to go into a form of a fight. Eventually, certain people will corner you and force you to defend yourself and fight. This is key to boosting your self-image and improving your self-confidence. Taking up the fight and fighting against all odds will probably become a way of life for you in the end. Your passion will be increased by your tendency to be deeply touched by the plight of the oppressed, and you can fight for just causes or fight against censorship and discrimination in all its forms.

You can become the target of betrayal and victimization, so you’re well-equipped to help the world’s misfits. Getting involved in both social causes and charitable causes means you have to face many of your own fears and phobias and deal with illusions, deception, subversion and misrepresentation. Maintaining your own solid morals and ideals will help you win your battles.

Sun Square Neptune Synastry, Relationships

Hard elements among the Sun and Neptune in synastry may be tricky, however without a doubt now no longer unmanageable. In a totally few cases, outright deception is concerned with this aspect. However, in a number of relationships with this energy, aware deception isn’t always an issue. What can manifest, however, is that the connection often begins with a paranormal and decidedly romantic air to it. You can also additionally have felt that you met “the one”, and the Sun man or woman, in particular, can also assign too many qualities onto the Neptune man or woman. The Neptune man or woman will probably be charmed through the attention, and can be willing at instances to feed the Sun man or woman’s creativeness with a view to hold their devotion levels high.

Neptune in synastry has frequently been related to one man or woman looking to misinform any other man or woman, however in reality, this takes place tons much less regularly than the following, greater likely scenario. The Neptune man or woman has a tendency to “play along” with the non-public planet man or woman’s image, and the goal isn’t always to harm that man or woman. What can manifest is that the Neptune man or woman finally ends up promising greater than he or she will be able to give. If the Neptune man or woman in the end backs out, or slips away slowly, the Sun man or woman can feel saddened or even belittled, feeling that Neptune changed into a misleading person.

Misunderstandings may be the result, and each aims to have to be made to hold the goals and visions of the connection aren’t as realistic anymore. In extreme cases, Neptune now no longer need to harm the Sun, and this could be the motivating issue behind Neptune’s tendency to keep away from bursting Sun’s bubble.

The Sun man or woman have to try and keep away from placing the Neptune man or woman on a pedestal as well. Both of you have to consciously attempt to keep away from supplying every different unrealistic hope. The crucial component to consider, with the sun square neptune synastry, is that despite the fact that the Sun man or woman appears to need to trigger the Neptune man or woman, they do so only because they want to help them become a better version of themselves.

The Sun man or woman will in the end sense a sure degree of mistrust, and may even swing from seeing the Neptune man or woman as absolutely brilliant to a harmful individual. The ups and downs may be stressful. The Sun man or woman has to consider that if she or he has to make excuses for the Neptune man or woman, then they may now no longer be seeing the Neptune man or woman clearly, and cannot possibly accept them for their role in their life.

Sun Square Neptune Composite Chart

It is unlikely that the tendency to cheat is  intentional, but it is highly likely that it will become a problem in your relationship. There is a strong tendency to want to fulfill each other’s fantasies, and in an effort to do so, one or both of you may be faking it on some level. This tendency is something to watch out for, as it can eventually end the relationship and even lead to feelings of resentment, bitterness, and disappointment. A lack of commitment or definition to your relationship is also likely. with that composite look. Make an extra effort to communicate and don’t assume  your partner knows what you want to say or feel as they probably don’t!

Sun Square Neptune Transit Meaning

Transiting Neptune Square Your Natal Sun is a time of uncertainty and confusion about the direction of your life. Try to organize your own ideas first, rather than adopting someone else’s view or belief. Your own ideas may seem unrealistic now, but they can have long-term benefits.  

Above all, you should try to be true to yourself and avoid any kind of deception. Deception, whether of oneself or others, is now most likely to end in disappointment. Don’t gamble or take unnecessary risks. This can be very beneficial, as it is time to release any illusory influences or  traps from the past.

Sun-Semi Square Neptune

This denotes a period of mysterious misfortunes, which can affect an individual’s footsteps in a peculiar and unprecedented way. Psychic matters are sure to enter into your life in some way and affect you slightly, but the aspect, in any case, is a weak one, and unless the planet is heavily afflicted at birth, you should anticipate very few changes.


Taking much smaller, and more realistic steps can assist you in the rebuilding process tremendously. Occasional failures are inevitable, but they shouldn’t be mistaken for intense obstacles, and you must remember that success cannot come without the risk of failure. Everyone is a failure at something, and that’s no excuse to judge yourself again. As your confidence grows, your life will begin to take a more positive shape. This does not happen overnight, because the transformation of ingrained behavioral patterns cannot be achieved that quickly, but with perseverance, all the necessary changes can happen.

Perhaps employing techniques such as creative visualization and affirmations, or subliminal programming encoded on self-developing tapes, could enhance this process. The essential realization is that change is possible and that you can achieve it in your own way, as within hope lies the source of the waters of potential and transformation.  

Eventually, these improvements can also benefit your intimate relationships, improving your self-image, confidence, and decision-making skills. 

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