Sun Sextile Moon In Natal Charts, Composite Charts & Synastry

The Sun has its associations with energy, life, sustenance, will, joy and consciousness while the Moon is usually associated with emotions, subconsciousness, sensitivity and intuition.

In a Sun sextile Moon aspect, the two bodies are at an angle of 60 degrees from each other, supporting each other and creating opportunities using the energies that they both represent.

You can learn more about this aspect and about yourself by going through this guide.

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Sun Sextile Moon In Natal Chart Meaning & Experience

A Sun sextile Moon in your natal chart can reveal several things about yourself and how you approach various situations and relationships in your life. The sextile usually represents a sense of support and opportunity, allowing you to come into contact with positive chances and events that you should then grasp.

The Sun sextile Moon aspect can suggest that you are independent, imaginative, artistic in your expression, expressive, well balanced, determined, sensitive and often spontaneous.

How you behave overtly and what your covert thoughts and emotions are can usually come together in the Sun sextile Moon aspect, allowing you to have a peaceful and calm period in your life as well as a secure sense of self.

This kind of stability, self-esteem and emotional well-being can make you a popular person with a sense of cooperation and kindness. You bring out the kind sides of people since you tend to have a soothing and settling impact on those around you.

It is, of course, essential to balance out your sense of harmony with your need for clarity and resolution. While your energies might be working well together and with others, you should seek to find a common ground using conflict resolution instead of avoidance.

Sun Sextile Moon In Women, Personality Aspects

A Sun sextile Moon aspect in women can present itself through the personality in the form of strong instincts, determination, adaptability, kindness, cooperation and creativity.

You are also generally popular among your peers and friends since people are attracted to how put together you seem to be. And in fact, you are indeed in sync with your goals, emotions, thoughts, desires and sense of security in your relationships and in your own skin.

This kind of relaxed, organized and social charm that you carry and give off can seem effortless to others as well as a bit intimidating.

However, this is a result of your self-awareness and active efforts, so make sure you also seize the moment to form foundational and solid relationships while also making a change in your life at this opportune moment of balance.

Your personality is such, however, that it can be easy for you to forget the basics and expect things to come to you naturally. Continue to inquire about the world and adapt your sensibilities accordingly so that you can keep building your self-awareness and humility.

Sun Sextile Moon In Men, Personality Aspects

As a man with a Sun sextile Moon aspect, you are likely to be someone in tune with your capabilities, your perceptions as well as your interactions with the world around you. Knowing the kind of energy that you give off can help you move through the world in a more harmonious way.

This aspect can also suggest that you are energetic, vivacious, cooperative, patient, carefree and generally quite amiable. This can add to your charm, making people curious and attracted to your steadiness and calmness.

You are also quite sensitive and communicative, allowing you to maintain a sense of harmony between your inner thoughts and desires and your external behavior, goals and expectations.

It can be easy for you to project your own stability and need for harmony onto others, though. Remember that people have different expectations and conflicts within themselves, so moving forward with patience, support and groundedness can go a long way to avoid making assumptions about the world around you.

Sun Sextile Moon Anger & Violence – Can It Be Dangerous?

Your Sun sextile Moon aspect can reveal quite a bit about how you express your anger and instinctual urges and whether these can be dangerous to you and others around you.

This aspect, however, does not present any kind of danger and hostility since you are in tune with yourself and the world around you. This can allow you to build meaningful relationships and solve your conflicts in a healthy manner, although it is also possible for conflict avoidance or even dismissal to become a norm.

It is, therefore, essential for you to seek true cooperation and openness even in your behavioral patterns that exhibit themselves when you feel angry otherwise you can become resentful.

Sun Sextile Moon Synastry, Relationships

Synastry can reveal several things about your relationships. When it comes to a Sun sextile Moon aspect in synastry, you and your partner are likely to complement each other well while also having an established sense of cooperation, mutual care and affection.

The way you get along with each other is almost effortless, although, of course, this is indicative of your efforts to make your relationship healthy and generally peaceful and comfortable.

Your sense of awareness about and around each other can allow you to find coherence and meaning around your thoughts and actions. However, it is equally important to avoid slacking and dismissing your issues or even to let your emotions cloud your judgment.

Depend on each other for support, love, guidance, calmness, wisdom, joy and stimulation so that you can push each other forward.

Sun Sextile Moon For Sex & Sexuality

When it comes to sex and expressing your sexuality, a Sun sextile Moon aspect can make things quite smooth sailing and comfortable for you. When it comes to synastry, you and your partner are both likely to have an open, active and even playful way of navigating sex.

This push and pull relationship can be quite fun for you, making it likely to explore new things and dimensions. You also have healthy boundaries and a good sense of what the other wants so that you can keep things interesting and respectful in terms of your limits.

This aspect also makes you generally popular and attractive, making other people come to you due to your appeal and elegance as well as the sense of mystery that you sometimes exude.

Sun Sextile Moon Composite Chart

A composite chart can be a good way to find out important aspects of your relationship with someone, primarily including how compatible you are with them and how you are likely to develop your relationship. It can also help you figure out what you should look for and avoid.

A Sun sextile Moon aspect in the composite chart generally implies a sense of support and balance. You and your partner have an established sense of communication and reliance on each other.

A good sense of security and stability is necessary for your relationship, so once that is in place, you can develop individually as well as together, allowing you to learn things about yourselves in the process.

This relationship awareness and strength is a solid element of the Sun sextile Moon aspect.

Sun Sextile Moon Transit Meaning

A transit usually suggests a short period of time in your life. A Sun sextile Moon transit can imply a chance to reflect on your needs, thoughts, feelings and relationships and whether everything is how you want it to be.

It is also a period where the energies of your Sun and Moon will be in sync, allowing you to think clearly and make a decision or change in your life. No matter what you choose, the outcome is bound to be favorable for you.

If there is an imbalance in any part of your life, this newfound clarity will allow you to rebalance yourself and make use of your rationality as well as sensitivity to make developments.

Sun Sextile Moon Magnetic

Magnetism can point towards how unique and appealing your personality aspects are and how others react to your presence.

A Sun sextile Moon aspect can make you quite magnetic due to your stability, groundedness, balance yet intrigue that you give off. Your social capabilities, charm and joy generally manifest themselves effortlessly, making people attracted to you.

This can make you quite popular due to the easy camaraderie that comes with being around you.

Sun Semi-Square Moon

A semi-square aspect is different from a sextile since it can imply disharmony instead of harmony. The Sun and the Moon are at an angle of 45 degrees from each other, resulting in a clash of sorts. This imbalance between reason and emotion as well as your direction and desires can create tension and conflict that you should strive to resolve.


Through this guide, we have taken you through everything you need to know about the Sun sextile Moon aspect. Fortunately, this aspect implies balance, harmony, creativity and joy in various parts of your life, so make sure you take advantage of this moment and bring your thoughts and goals to fruition to maintain peace.

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