Pisces’s Ruling Planet: Neptune’s Influence & Energy Explained

Each zodiac sign has one (or two) ruling planets that exert greater influence over it than other planets.

The ruling planet is also known as the dominant, governing, or rising planet of the sign, as well as the astrological domicile of the zodiac sign.

In this article, we will take a deeper look at Pisces’s ruling planet Neptune, its energy & nature, and the influence that it exerts over Pisces in everyday life.

So if you want to:

  • Know more about Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces
  • Understand the nature & energy of Neptune, as well as the positive and negative traits that it has
  • Learn when it’s best to use the influence of the planet to your benefit

Then read with attention. Important truths are often hidden in small details.

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Pisces’s Ruling Planet Neptune In Astrology

Neptune rules over Pisces. In astrology, Neptune is the planet that governs our dreams, desires and visions. Neptune’s influence can bring visions, illusions and a touch of fantasy to your life.

It can add a lot of depth to your life and provide respite from the bleak realities of life, but it can also distract you and make you ignore reality. You always need to tread with caution when Neptune is involved.

Short summary: Pisces’s Ruling Planet Neptune

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, mythically known as the ruler of the sea. Neptune has an otherworldly energy that draws you away from material attachments. Your pursuit of bliss, love and empathy are all Neptune’s doing.

Pisces are always dreamers and poets. Symbolized by two fish, Pisces is always embroiled in an inner battle.

They want to accomplish something meaningful in life and make a difference in the world, but they also want to retreat within themselves and stay away from mundane, everyday affairs.

Neptune has bestowed Pisces with immense emotional capability. Pisces can be characterized by their empathy, compassion and sensitivity. The aura of mysticism and fantasy around Pisces is also a result of Neptune’s influence.

Neptune In Astrology: Quick Facts

  • Color: Blue
  • Nature: Kind, creative, compassionate, emotional, lively
  • Metal: Cobalt
  • Precious Stone: Blue sapphire
  • Ruling Planet Of: Pisces

Neptune’s Sun Orbit

It takes 165 years for Neptune to complete its trip around the zodiac. This is because of its great distance from the Sun. Neptune stays in every zodiac for about 15 years.

Planets that affect entire generations of families are known as generational planets. Due to the large amount of time it spends in every zodiac, Neptune is a generational planet.

Neptune Rules The 12th House

Neptune is the ruler of the 12th house. Also known as the house of secrets, the 12th house is co-ruled by Neptune and Jupiter.

The 12th house is quite tricky. It rules over our inner psyche, our dreams, instincts and inhibitions. All our deepest fears and unconscious thoughts can be found in this house. It also governs our perspective and how we react to the world around us.

The 12th house shares a lot in common with the natural traits of Pisces. The creative spirit and imaginative mind benefit from the influence of this house. It also helps them be in tune with their inner fears and desires and deal with them in a healthy way.

Neptune Positive Traits

Neptune has always been the planet of inspiration, illusion, dreams and intuition. It adds a touch of fantasy to your life and is responsible for the generation of ideas. It increases your curiosity and enhances your imagination.

Neptune’s influence inculcates the following positive traits in people:

  • Intuitive
  • Compassionate
  • Merciful
  • Youthful
  • Imaginative

Pisces is a creative spirit. Neptune’s involvement gives wings to Pisces’s imagination and inspires them to dream bigger. It helps balance their emotional sensitivity and softens their vulnerability.

Neptune also blesses Pisces with a strong intuition and a lively demeanor. It also helps Pisces rise above their ego and become kind, compassionate individuals.

Neptune Negative Traits

Neptune has a reputation for bringing illusions and confusion into our lives. It is only natural that it also brings about some negative traits. Beware of the following negative traits if you are heavily influenced by Neptune:

  • Naive
  • Deceitful
  • Addicted

Neptune’s influence can make the creative side of Pisces go into overdrive, leading them to become either paranoid or naive. When channeled the wrong way, their creativity becomes a tool for trickery or deception.

The most dangerous influence of Neptune over Pisces is the vulnerability to addiction. Dreamy Pisces starts looking for ways to escape reality as often as possible, which leads them to addiction of various kinds.

Energies of Neptune: Electric

Neptune is quite far away from the Earth, but its immense size ensures that its energies are felt almost all the way across the solar system. Neptune holds a mystic energy over our lives, connecting the past and the future to our present.

Illusion, reflection, intuition and mysticism are all products of Neptune’s influence. For Pisces, this can mean many things. You could set down a vastly idealistic path and find something truly meaningful, or follow the illusionary path of deception and addiction.

Neptune Keywords: Visionary, Imagination, Escapism, Confusion, Dreams

Here are 5 keywords associated with Neptune and how they influence Pisces:

  • Visionary: Neptune is the celestial body that influences visions. All illusions and dreams are a result of Neptune’s involvement.

    It requires an otherworldly creativity and imagination to be a true visionary, which is why this word is most associated with Neptune.

    Pisces is able to create innovative career paths for themselves due to Neptune’s influence.

    They usually have a difficult time at the beginning of their careers because they are overrun by ideas, but they mark out impressive careers for themselves over time.
  • Imagination: Neptune’s energy fuels our imagination and creativity. People influenced by Neptune always have an active imagination and are often involved in artistic careers.

    Pisces’s lively nature thrives from Neptune’s influence, as they get a good outlet for all their energy.
  • Escapism: Since Neptune is the planet of illusion, fairytales and mirrors, it is also associated with escapism.

    This aspect is not beneficial for Pisces. Escaping from reality does not bode well for Pisces’s already dreamy personality. It becomes a pattern and often ends in addiction.
  • Confusion: Illusions and visions are governed by Neptune. A state of confusion in life is often attributed to Neptune’s involvement, as its illusions often blind us from reality.

    Neptune’s influence on Pisces is very apparent in the internal struggle between their aspirations and the need for peace and quiet. They are often confused between choosing a meaningful life and choosing the life of a heretic.
  • Dreams: Dreams have always been the domain of Neptune. All visions, instincts and premonitions are caused by the influence of Neptune.

    Pisces’s core persona is shaped by this aspect of Neptune. They are dreamers at heart. This may or may not be beneficial to their life, but there is no denying this part of their identity.

Neptune Domicile / Home Position

A planet’s domicile is the zodiac it rules over. This doesn’t refer to the astrological houses, it refers to the zodiac signs that are most influenced by the planet. As we already know, Neptune is in domicile when it is in Pisces.

Neptune Detriment

Detriment is the complete opposite of the home position or domicile. When a planet enters the zodiac opposite its domicile, it is said to be in detriment. Neptune is in detriment in Virgo.

Neptune Exalted

A state of exaltation is a very favorable position for a planet. It is a state of awareness where the planet’s influence is at its strongest and most beneficial. Neptune is exalted in Leo and Saggitarius.

Neptune Fall

A fall is a state of weakness for the planet. It occurs when the planet is opposite the sign of exaltation. Neptune is in fall in Capricorn.

Neptune Retrograde

A retrograde motion is when a planet appears to move backward through the sky. Neptune will be in retrograde from 28 June, 2022 to 3 December, 2022.

Neptune’s retrograde affects our deep psychological desires, instincts and dreams. It induces a state of confusion where we find it hard to differentiate between reality and illusion. We doubt all our decisions and second guess our choices.

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces will be most affected by Neptune’s retrograde motion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Is a Ruling Planet and What Does It Do, Anyway?
    Every zodiac is assigned a ruling planet. The ruling planet holds a lot of influence over the zodiac and impacts the traits, tendencies and lifestyles of the zodiac.
  • How Are Ruling Planets Assigned?
    Ruling planets are assigned based on influence. When a zodiac is at its most influential and most powerful in a zodiac, it becomes its ruling planet.
  • When Does a Ruling Planet Influence Its Zodiac Sign the Most?

The ruling planet influences the zodiac sign the most in its exalted state. Exaltation is the most powerful state for a planet. It is one of the 5 essential dignities.

  • Why Do Some Signs Have Two Ruling Planets?
    Some planets had not been discovered yet when zodiacs were assigned ruling planets, so some zodiacs shared ruling planets. After their discovery, the new planets were assigned to zodiacs, which then ended up with 2 ruling planets.
  • Ancient vs Modern Ruling Planets
    Some zodiacs have 2 ruling planets—ancient and modern. This is because the planets farther out in the universe were discovered. Meanwhile, some zodiacs shared ruling planets.

    When the new planets were assigned zodiacs after their discovery, they became the modern ruling planets and the older ones were called ancient ruling planets.

Conclusion & Summary

Neptune is the planet that governs dreams, illusions and visions. It is the ruling planet of Pisces, which is very apparent through its natural traits.

The heavy influence of Neptune can be a tad difficult to bear, as people often find that real life never shapes up to be as good as their dreams and visions.

However, it doesn’t always have to be a negative influence. If you can channel your creativity and imagination in the right way, you can have a purposeful life full of meaning.

With Neptune’s involvement, life will always seem great through your rose-tinted glasses.

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