Neptune Sextile Pluto In Natal Charts, Composite Charts & Synastry

Planetary movements have profound implications on our lives. Neptune is known as the god of the sea and is strongly associated with illusion, inspiration and dreams whereas Pluto is the god of the underworld and presides over birth, death and rebirth.

Understanding how the Neptune sextile Pluto aspect influences your life will help you understand yourself better and give you more insight on how to deal with different aspects of your life.

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Neptune Sextile Pluto In Natal Chart Meaning & Experience

A sextile refers to a phenomenon where 2 planets form a 60-degree angle with each other in a natal chart.

The energy of a sextile aspect is very cooperative and the planets are encouraging each other’s influence. They do not hold or push back the other’s energy, which makes room for the free flow of ideas and opportunities between different aspects of your life.

This aspect is very similar to a trine. The only difference in effect is that the planets are helping each other maximize their influence in addition to working together.

Having Neptune sextile Pluto makes for a very innovative individual who always thinks out of the box. They are always ready to leave their comfort zone and jump into the unknown to explore new things.

People with this aspect do not like sticking to traditional ideas and try to construct a more progressive worldview. They like being in control and are very particular about having things done a certain way.

Neptune Sextile Pluto In Women, Personality Aspects

Neptune sextile Pluto manifests as a very intriguing personality in women. They are highly intelligent and pride themselves on their academic accomplishments. These women always outshine their peers in every arena and are aware of their capabilities.

Women with this aspect are very ambitious and always keep their eye on the ball. They do not let themselves get distracted from their goals by worldly pleasures or personal relationships.

Their professional lives are very organized and planned, but their personal life is a completely different story. They are control freaks, which does not sit well with the people around them.

They like planning out their lives. When something unexpected happens or something doesn’t go according to plan, they find it very difficult to deal with.

Romantic relationships suffer the most from this quality. Women with this aspect are not comfortable being in the passenger seat and need to control every aspect of the relationship. This makes their partner feel stifled and uncomfortable.

Neptune Sextile Pluto In Men, Personality Aspects

Neptune sextile Pluto is a very influential aspect for men. It creates pioneers who end up changing the face of whatever career they choose to engage with. Men with this aspect are born with an inherent sense of curiosity.

They love to dive deep into the foundation of structures, beliefs or technologies and understand how they work—only to figure out how to make them better. They have a very active attitude towards life and like to take charge of anything they are a part of.

They are able to think of the bigger picture and see themselves as part of a greater consciousness in the world. Men influenced by this aspect have a deep fascination with the spiritual and are deeply introspective.

They attempt to achieve spiritual growth through various means and explore all conventional and unconventional practices of spirituality. They are socially invisible in their youth but once they come into their own professionally, they gain confidence.

It draws women to them, but they are more interested in casual relationships than long term commitments.

Neptune Sextile Pluto Anger & Violence – Can It Be Dangerous?

Anger or aggression is not a trait usually associated with Neptune sextile Pluto. People with this aspect are more evolved and do like to get involved in conflicts. They do not put themselves in situations where violence could break out.

They have some controlling tendencies, which could land them in hot water when people do not want to relinquish power or control.

On the other hand, they can also become emotionally unstable when things don’t go according to their plan. If they feel like they don’t have any control over their life, they might lash out at others.

Some people with Neptune sextile Pluto might be in danger from anger and violence in their lives. But the possibility is low and such circumstances can be avoided altogether by learning to cope with their control issues.

If you are concerned about it, seeking professional help can really help. Giving up control is not easy, no matter who you are but there are several coping mechanisms that can help.

Neptune Sextile Pluto Synastry, Relationships

Synastric analysis helps you understand the effects of planetary movements on romantic relationships. Neptune sextile Pluto is a fortuitous aspect for couples as it is a sign of harmonious conjunction of twin flames or kindred souls.

The presence of this aspect indicates that both partners are sensitive, sensible, intelligent and compassionate towards each other. Even though they might have faced very difficult situations in their lives, they feel at peace with each other.

All they ever wanted was someone who understood them and accepted them exactly as they were. They finally found what they were looking for in each other. Couples influenced by this aspect want committed relationships and have no intention of breaking up over trivial issues.

Open and honest communication is the foundation of this relationship. The only possible problem is that one or both of the partners has faced a traumatic incident in their love life in the past. This can affect their current relationship.

Their support and understanding towards each other and their commitment to the relationship will help them weather any storm and they will always find their way back to each other.

Neptune Sextile Pluto For Sex & Sexuality

Neptune sextile Pluto is an aspect that can really spice up your sex life. Pluto governs sexuality whereas Neptune is responsible for dreams and illusions. People with this aspect are very imaginative in the sack and love experimenting with new things.

A lot of people influenced by this aspect love the idea of domination and control over their partners in bed. They are into BDSM and role play, which can be very intense for partners who are new to the lifestyle.

They are very selective of their sexual partners and need to feel some kind of connection to them before they can be intimate. They are not overly concerned with ideas of femininity or masculinity and their sexual encounters are very dynamic and fluid.

Neptune Sextile Pluto Composite Chart

Composite charts use the natal charts of 2 people to understand their compatibility and the course their relationship might take.

A Neptune sextile Pluto aspect in a composite chart is an indication that the couple is like-minded and agrees on almost all important aspects of life. This makes the relationship very smooth and there is no unnecessary conflict.

Love at first sight or intense attraction in the beginning is very common with this aspect. It is highly possible that they met because of a shared interest or in some kind of educational or academic setting.

Their desires and needs are very similar and they genuinely enjoy each other’s company. This will likely be a long term relationship.

Neptune Sextile Pluto Transit Meaning

A Neptune sextile Pluto transit is very similar to Neptune sextile Pluto in the natal chart. These planets make you very sensitive during the transit period and you are more emotionally charged than usual.

This lets you explore deeper aspects of your relationship and you might even end up entering a new phase of your relationship like proposing to your partner or starting a family.

Do not get overwhelmed if you find that things are not working out as you planned them to. Transit periods are usually marked with change, so be prepared for any big or small changes that might be coming your way.

Neptune Semi-Square Pluto

Neptune semi-square Pluto is an aspect marked with tough decisions. People influenced by this aspect will find themselves faced with difficult decisions, especially regarding family and professional success.

People with this aspect are ambitious people. They are willing to go to any lengths to achieve their goals. Neptune semi-square Pluto might make them choose between maintaining a close relationship or achieving a professional goal.

If you find yourself faced with this choice, remember that balance is necessary for a healthy life. There will always be other goals to chase, but you might not find a relationship like this again. Tread carefully while making this decision.


Neptune sextile Pluto is an intriguing aspect to be influenced by. It has a mystic aura and has subtle but important effects on your personality and life. People with this aspect are very smart and end up in highly successful careers.

If you are influenced by this aspect, the only problem you might face is dealing with your control issues. It can cause problems in your professional and personal life, so make sure you take steps to keep it in check.

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