Moon Square Pluto In Natal Charts, Composite Charts & Synastry


A square aspect is formed when 2 celestial bodies form a 90-degree angle with each other in an astrological chart. Square aspects put the energies of the planets against each other and there is a need for balance to even out their influence.

The Moon governs our emotional side and how our subconscious interacts with the world whereas Pluto is the planet of wealth and power. Given that these aspects of our lives are extremely important, we need to understand how Moon square Pluto affects us.

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Moon Square Pluto In Natal Chart Meaning & Experience

Moon square Pluto is a tough aspect to deal with. It brings intense emotional traumas that can cause people to turn self-destructive. People with this aspect struggle with forming close relationships.

Even when they do try to be compassionate and care for others, their actions are misconstrued as stifling and people try to distance themselves from them. Most often, their problems with expressing their emotions stem from a dysfunctional home or toxic relationships.

There is a strong possibility that people influenced by this aspect have a bad relationship with their mother and are unable to distance themselves from the relationship. People with this aspect can be a little obsessive and are very persistent once they set their sights on something.

This quality should be channeled towards their career and towards getting rid of their destructive habits. When people influenced by this aspect find people they can be close with, they form a very intense bond with them. They have a protective instinct and try to keep all their close ones safe.

Moon Square Pluto In Women, Personality Aspects

Moon square Pluto presents itself as a bundle of contradictions in women. They crave love and attention all their lives yet like being alone and have problems with intimacy.

They have trouble processing their emotions and making decisions about their relationships but at the same time their priorities in life are very clear—they do not want to chase materialistic things and instead want to have relationships and achieve goals that make them truly happy.

It is very interesting to see how they can be so organized in some aspects of their life and so messy in others. They also love to plan and can be a little high strung when things don’t go according to their plan.

There is a dominating streak in women with this aspect and they do not bow down to tradition. This aura of power and authority is very attractive to some men, while people with similar qualities do not get along with them.

They need to tread lightly while socializing, especially in professional settings. Women with this aspect always speak their minds without regard for others’ feelings, which may create friction in both personal and professional relationships.

Moon Square Pluto In Men, Personality Aspects

A lot of typical masculine traits are associated with Moon square Pluto. Men with this aspect are strong willed, determined and always achieve what they set out to do.

They can also be extremely stubborn and get defensive when asked to improve or change something about themselves. Men with this aspect can have dysfunctional relationships with their parents. As a result, they do not know how to take criticism and act out when they receive feedback.

Interestingly, men with this aspect often have the gift of foresight or clairvoyance. This is due to their connection to the Underworld through Pluto. Since wealth is also an aspect governed by Pluto, they never find themselves lacking financially.

Since they’ve never had to worry about financial constraints, they are able to think of the bigger picture in life and focus on the truly important issues that trouble the world.

Men influenced by this aspect frequently go through cycles of understanding and evolution. They have several destructive tendencies and every time they understand the cause behind a harmful habit, they evolve and grow to leave it behind.

Learning self-control and practicing self-awareness can help them overcome the issues of their past. They are perfectionists by nature and have amazing careers as they keep trying to outdo themselves at every turn.

Moon Square Pluto Anger & Violence – Can It Be Dangerous?


Whenever the Moon is involved, the emotional energy is very high. Since the Moon is in a square aspect with Pluto, its energy is imbalanced and causes emotional strain in your life.

There is a definite danger to this aspect as it causes self-destructive tendencies and obsessive behavior. There is a lot of emotional blockage involved, which can make people prone to outbursts.

Aggression is very typical of this aspect and even normal communication can turn violent if people influenced by this aspect start feeling that something is going to go awry with their plan.

Reflecting on your actions and trying to understand the patterns in your behavior are the only ways to steer your life towards a calmer and safer path. External help will not help as much as internal reflection, meditation and self-awareness. Accepting that you have a problem is the first step towards overcoming it.

Moon Square Pluto Synastry, Relationships


Synastry is the astrological study of the influence of planetary movements on our relationships. A Moon square Pluto aspect in your synastry chart is an indicator that this relationship was meant to be. You have crossed each other’s paths for a reason and this relationship will leave an impact on your lives.

This doesn’t mean that your relationship will be all hearts and roses. Both of you are rash with communication and need to think before you react to the other. Improving your communication will help avoid a lot of misunderstandings and conflicts.

The person influenced by the Moon may try to emotionally manipulate the other while the person influenced by Pluto may try to control the other due to jealousy. Both of you need to stay vigilant of your behavior as you often engage in manipulative behavior without realizing it.

Moon Square Pluto For Sex & Sexuality


Moon square Pluto makes your sex life raunchy and exciting. Domination and other kinks are a prominent part of your sex life due to your controlling tendencies. Engaging in these kinks in your sex life is a healthy way of exercising these tendencies as they will become a healthy outlet for them.

Communication is a very important part of your sex life. Make sure to talk to your partner about your desires and expectations and ask them about theirs so both of you know what you are getting into.

People with this aspect have a high libido and enjoy a very active sex life, often with multiple partners.

Moon Square Pluto Composite Chart


Composite charts are very similar to natal charts—except, they chart the nature and course of a relationship between two people instead of one person.

Having a Moon square Pluto aspect in a composite chart is a sign that the bond between you is very strong and you have a desire to stay together.

It is also an indicator that you are very afraid of losing each other. Both of you might have had traumatic relationships in the past and you want to hold on to what you have with each other.

However, jealousy, possessiveness or trying to control each other will only weaken your bond. Try to trust your partner and express your attachment in healthy ways.

Intense relationships like yours always start off with very positive energy but deteriorate over time as the energy fades. Try to hold on to that energy and don’t let fear drive your actions.

Moon Square Pluto Transit Meaning

Transit periods in a square aspect are always filled with conflict. You may find yourself engaged in a power struggle in a personal or professional relationship and a lot of repressed feelings will come to the surface.

This can be a good experience for you as the feelings you’ve hidden away for so long will finally have an outlet. There will be a lot of conflict during this period.

However, you will emerge as a better person after going through this turmoil as a more self-aware and positive person. You may even be able to let go of your addictions or bad habits during this period.

Moon Semi-Square Pluto

The effects of Moon semi-square Pluto on our lives are very similar to that of Moon square Pluto. There is a lot of emotional baggage and past trauma that continues to affect your present relationships.

Digging deep into your consciousness and trying to understand the cause of your behavior can help you slowly evolve into a better person. Do not be impatient with yourself, as it can be a slow and painstaking process.


Moon square Pluto can be a very intense aspect to have in your natal chart. It brings a lot of emotional baggage to your life and you find yourself struggling to make deep emotional connections with friends and family.

However, evolution and growth are also an equal part of this aspect. You will find yourself maturing and growing constantly. With conscious effort and enough time, you will be able to reach a peaceful and balanced phase of life.

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