Moon Square Mercury in Natal Charts, Composite Charts & Synastry

The Moon and Mercury are the fastest-moving planets in an astrological chart, which means that any contact between them will be felt strongly in our day-to-day lives.

Having a challenging aspect between them will bring about serious issues that need to be worked on. So it’s vital to understand what kind of challenges a Moon square Mercury aspect will manifest in one’s life, so they can be ready to face them for what they are.

This being said, let’s explore how these two energies interact in a natal, synastry, and composite chart. I promise there’s some good in it.

Moon Square Mercury In Natal Chart Meaning & Experience

A Moon square Mercury aspect in a natal chart can feel quite ADHD-like. It will represent our most profound habits, which we do to feel secure. A harshly aspected Moon can give a person a constant restlessness, with unknown causes. You’d need to look at the other planet in this mix.

So, in the case of Mercury, emotional security will depend on communication, learning, interpretation. At the same time, the way we learn, relate to others, share, and even talk will be affected by the Moon. As a result, emotional volatility will cloud most thoughts we have.

With a square, these two aspects of life will come into a conflict that will need conscious effort to resolve. The native needs to understand how their emotions affect their ability to be objective and vice-versa. Their thoughts can play a huge role in their emotional balance.

It’s quite a challenging aspect to have in a natal chart. The battle between mind and heart is something we’re all trying to figure out throughout our lives. But, with this aspect, the native will not only have it harder than the rest of us, but they will also crave this balance to feel secure.

Pushan – The Hindu God associated with Hermes/Mercury. His name translates to “cause to thrive

Moon Square Mercury In Women, Personality Aspects

When it comes to women, this aspect can show up in ways that are a bit more unpleasant. For example, a Moon square Mercury aspect can make people excessively emotional at times. When this happens, the Moon becomes dominant and subverts the quality of Mercury.

As a result, in times of emotional volatility, these women will have difficulty focusing. It will be difficult for them to clear their mind or see things for what they are. Moreover, their decisions and judgments will be affected by their moods, which can make them seem irrational.

Yet, there could be a trend to over-rationalize feelings and emotions. When Mercury gets the upper hand, it might tend to question the validity of said feelings, making these women repress their sensitive nature.

A Moon square Mercury aspect could also be felt as indecision, especially when it comes to matters of personal importance. The native’s mind, as represented by Mercury, could be kept prisoner by issues of emotional safety.

One example would be a woman who fails to focus on her immediate responsibilities, such as work, because she feels unloved in her relationship.

On the other hand, they could rely on fixed attitudes and opinions, various thoughts and beliefs for a sense of emotional security. As a result, they can become inflexible, creating complex issues in their relationships. For example, one’s sense of security could depend on a trivial thing, such as receiving flowers every Wednesday.

When this doesn’t happen due to reasonable circumstances, she could fail to see her partner’s point of view and feel like his failure has attacked her very foundation. It’s easy to see how this can quickly ruin a romantic relationship.

I’m not saying anything, but take a look at the charts of these Moon square Mercury people, sharing long strings of failed marriages:

There’s nothing wrong with having multiple partners throughout one’s life, but three to four marriages could make one feel hopeless in matters of love. It’s important to remember that love won’t come without compromise, and people sharing this aspect tend to forget that.

Moon Square Mercury In Men, Personality Aspects

The same manifestations of this aspect can be seen in men and vice-versa. Only it’s important to remember that men are conditioned by society to suppress their emotions in favor of the mind.

This is not to say that their own emotions won’t affect them. On the contrary, their feelings could very well cloud their judgment, allowing them to make irresponsible decisions. But, since men will tend to repress their emotional side, the Moon will generally affect their judgment and dominate their minds without them even noticing.

When someone else challenges their beliefs, they might react aggressively, without considering the value in other people’s points of view. Instead of using others’ opinions to expand their minds, they will likely feel attacked. This can make for strongly principled men who can seem self-centered to others.

The Mercury Archetype – Technology, communication, learning.

When they talk, they might have the best intentions in mind. Their discourse could be frank and vulnerable, but this square can throw a veil over that. As a result, other people could perceive them as less thoughtful than they mean to be.

Usually, this lack of self-understanding and inability to express their emotions stems from childhood. Issues with their upbringing, especially involving their mother, could make it hard to understand what they’re feeling.

And since this issue could be so deeply rooted in their psyche, these men could become anxious when trying to process emotions, be it theirs or someone else’s. An example of this would be a man who gets angry when they see their partner crying.

Since they would lack the ability to understand these feelings in themselves, they would start feeling restless when faced with them from outside.

Moon Square Mercury – The Good Side

As with any aspect in Astrology, there’s a flip side to a square between Moon and Mercury. While it will pose some obstacles in someone’s life, it also comes with some gifts, and it’s important to remember that.

People sharing this aspect can become obsessed with learning certain things and amassing specific knowledge. Learning becomes a necessity, and they’re usually swift to understand particular topics, especially when they become emotionally invested in them.

When emotions run high, they can make sense of them the Mercurial way – verbalizing them to trusted friends, therapists, or even themselves. Moreover, their conscious and unconscious minds are bridged, which allows them to understand certain habits and change them for the better when they try.

This aspect could also grant some natives premonitory dreams and a superior understanding of other people’s motivations and behaviors.

The Moon and Mercury (communication) together.

Moon Square Mercury Synastry, Relationships

In a synastry chart, a Moon square Mercury aspect can represent a serious challenge. If the two are looking for a long-term relationship, this aspect will need serious compromises. Since both Mercury and the Moon are quick-moving planets, this aspect will be felt every day.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that the two are bad at communicating with each other, but all discussions will have the potential to turn into heated arguments in a matter of seconds. Mercury will often feel critical and unsympathetic to the Moon person, while the Moon person can seem downright insane to Mercury.

When the Moon person shares one of their emotional needs, the Mercury person will try to understand it through a sphere of intellect. This might make the Moon person seem clingy, while the Moon person themself will feel Mercury is too cold and unemotional.

True, vulnerable communication is made impossible by petty annoyances and everyday bickering, no matter how much the two would try to understand where the other one is coming from.

If the Mercury person has further prominent Mercurial placements (such as a Gemini or Virgo Ascendant), further instability can occur. At the same time, the aspect can become a lot more frustrating when the Moon person is sensitive, such as having the Moon in a Water sign.

Moon Square Mercury For Sex & Sexuality

This aspect’s high degree of volatility will not particularly benefit a couple’s sex life. Most days, it feels like they’re not speaking the same language. The Mercury person will seem like they’re trivializing the Moon person’s feelings. The Moon, at the same time, will react defensively and sulk a lot in return.

Naturally, it won’t make for the hottest of encounters, as both persons will generally feel like they’re walking on eggshells around each other. But this aspect alone can’t tell the entire story of a couple’s sex life, so other supporting aspects could help soothe these energies.

It’s unusual for people with this aspect to form a long-term relationship. So, when it happens, they can be sure that some other favorable aspects played a massive role there. For example, good Venus-Mars aspects or even a prominent Pluto in a synastry chart could help balance this aspect and allow the couple to settle their differences in the bedroom.

Moon Square Mercury Composite Chart

Having this aspect in a composite chart can speak volumes about the quality of the relationship. It’s important to remember that squares are not a catastrophe in themselves. They merely represent areas of the relationship where some work will be needed to gain favorable results.

Yet, when this challenging aspect concerns two planets as personal as Mercury and the Moon, it will affect all parts of a couple’s daily life. Unfortunately, both persons involved tend to take things too personally and come from different places concerning communication.

Especially in those cases where the couple shares a home, there will be an unsettling, uneasy element in the relationship that will be hard to ignore. This is because Mercury tends to rationalize emotions that can’t be rationalized, while the Moon will be hyper-sensitive to the partner’s reactions.

Both people might seem very chatty on the surface, but it will generally feel like their communication is superficial. They just don’t understand where the other person is coming from.

To reconcile these differences will be a difficult task. They can only achieve balance if they trust each other enough to let down their defenses and listen to the other one’s point of view.

Die Naturkunde-Stunde, Adolf Eberle (Mercurial communication and learning in family, inside the home – the realm of the Moon)

Moon Square Mercury Transit Meaning

Both Mercury and the Moon are fast-moving planets, so these transits only last for a couple of days. During this time, you might feel very opinionated on any particular subject and be quick to dismiss what others think.

While the tension between these two planets will increase the flow of information, conversations might prove unproductive. You might feel personally affected by trivial things people say. You might be slightly more irritable than usual or experience some conflicts on the home front.

This nervousness will stem from a lack of emotional balance. A tendency to talk too much in these circumstances will usually lead to many misunderstandings.

Think about it this way: you’re a bit confused about how to resolve a conflict between your head and your heart. Your own emotions (the Moon) are not clear to you, so you’re trying to soothe them in the Mercurial way – by talking.

The Moon affects Mercury in return. So your ability to think clearly can be hindered by emotions. So what you’re saying is emotionally charged, making it hard for people to understand you.

Trying to find balance during this transit leads to many frustrations, and it’s best to stay away from serious conversations. Instead, the healthiest way to express these energies would be through art. So, maybe put down your phone and whip out the paintbrush for this one.


The state of tension that a square aspect brings is not something to be taken lightly. These squares take on a whole new meaning when they affect our Moon. Any contact with our Moon will be felt on a daily basis, so it’s important to give special consideration to them.

When Mercury and the Moon meet in a square, the conscious and unconscious mind will have some trouble understanding each other. Yet, as with any other aspect, being mindful of these challenges will help us grow into better, more adjusted people.

Squares are nothing but an opportunity to grow. They are areas of life where we can direct our efforts, and get gifts for our hard work. We just need to remember that our charts only reflect our potential, they don’t determine our destiny.

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