Mercury Square Mars In Natal Charts, Composite Charts & Synastry

In general, while the square aspect between planets creates a strong energy between them; however, by nature, it is malefic and creates obstacles and triggers the worst qualities of the planets that are in the aspect.

Planetary aspects with the planet of war, i.e., Mars must always be dealt with caution and when the situation of Mercury square Mars arises, then things ought to get rather interesting. In this article, we’ll discuss everything about Mercury Square Mars.

Mercury Square Mars In Natal Chart Meaning

Mercury square Mars in the natal chart indicates that you will be faced with several challenges and tests in your life. You are generally a person who rationalizes things and so you don’t tend to think things through if you are right or wrong about something.

You end up making quick decisions and say things that give the impression of being volatile and hot-headed. People may think that you’re argumentative and very aggressive, which can be the cause of many misunderstandings that only adds to your temper and frustration.

People may find you impatient and quarrelsome and because of your strong personality, you may not have great relationships with others. As an individual, you are extremely independent and need your freedom, which reflects in your passionate beliefs and lack of inhibition.

You can be quite determined and courageous; however, your always-present fighting spirit can simply aggravate problems. The Mercury square Mars aspect makes you sharp-witted, sarcastic and your barbed comments and statements may cause people to find you unsympathetic and hostile.

But, when subjected to aggressive and spiteful behavior, you can be rather sensitive to this. You are not tolerant of arguments and relationships with a lot of friction and fighting. The Mercury square Mars aspect makes you a controversial, yet a unique person.

However, it is important that you curb your tendency to rush to hasty conclusions and speak without thinking. It is important to remember that you will be faced with challenges continuously; however, you must learn to think, rationalize your thoughts and speak carefully and effectively to maintain harmonious relationships with others.

Mercury Square Mars In Women

When we consider Mercury square Mars in women, this aspect poses serious problems in family relationships. Typically, the woman in this aspect gets annoyed when the man tries to speak; however, she is conscious of the annoyance. The woman knows what is annoying her and so she is able to verbalize it.

The Mercury square Mars in women indicates that the woman should choose a partner who can support her, plan and help her to learn to control her annoyance and her verbal expressions. However, both partners in the relationship must learn to keep a check on their verbal expressions and we find that this can help to largely smoothen out any troubles between both of them.

Mercury Square Mars In Men

The man with the Mercury square Mars aspect typically has a bold and sharp character. He is likely to be angry and quick tempered. He can be quick to squabble and pick fights.

While this may be a good aspect in men because it can help them to make decisions very quickly and not give up when faced with difficult situations; however, to achieve success in anything he does, he must control his impulses.

Also, when taking up work, he should choose only a specific area and not do too many things at once, as this can cause conflict at work. The man with the Mercury square Mars is prone to explosions of rage and rash acts because often, he is not in control of his emotions or expressions.

Often, he may not even be aware of the negative aspects of his behavior. These outbursts and excessive excitability can cause him trouble at work and other places and so, the man must learn to control his behavior.

Mercury Square Mars Synastry, Relationships

When it comes to synastry, Mercury square Mars is a rather difficult aspect. While on one hand, the aspect may cause problems, they are quite manageable. On the flip side, the troubles this aspect may cause may even help to improve the relationship.

When you consider synastry, since Mercury is associated with communication, it is a key planet. On the other hand, Mars is usually associated with conflict and is a cause of trouble in relationships. And, when you consider the Mercury square Mars, they are tense aspects and while they often produce conflict, they also generate attraction.

So, in general, the Mars square Mars combo in the synastry chart produces an energetic and lively relationship, which can be volatile or exciting. It may produce an attraction that is more intellectual, rather than romantic. Most often, the two people don’t see eye to eye on things, yet they seek out each other’s company.

The Mercury square Mars is one filled with constant conflicts and quite difficult. And relationships can be lasting only if both the man and woman are willing to change themselves as opposed to changing each other. Both the individuals in the Mercury square Mars aspect must understand each other’s values and qualities to live together.

When you consider romantic relationships in Mercury square Mars, they are quite challenging and difficult. It is seen that a woman’s Mercury square a man’s Mars tend to create more problems rather than when the genders are reversed. The most common issue is that the man does not listen to the woman patiently.

Usually, the way the woman communicates annoys him and he will do everything he can to ignore her. And, if the woman attempts to communicate more and tries to seek the man’s attention, this will only push him away and he will typically respond by withdrawing into other activities. However, this behavior may not really be harmful to the relationship.

The relationships in the Mercury square Mars aspect are quite volatile; however, if both the man and woman don’t mind a little bit of spice and excitement in their relationship, then the aspect is sure to provide plenty of it to keep the relationship going.

Mercury Square Mars Composite Chart

When composite Mercury is in square to composite Mars, then you tend to tell the other person what’s on your mind without taking into account what the consequences will be. While this can be a good thing to an extent, often it is not, because words often don’t reflect your feelings.

You’re looking to your partner for mental stimulation; as well as an exciting verbal exchange and you may challenge one another’s ideas frequently. This may either make your thinking sharper or it may simply end up as mental sparring between you and your partner.

While the conversations between you and your partner are definitely lively, often, it may end up in arguments if you’re not careful. Avoid forcing your option on your partner as this can end up in a full-fledged argument, causing unnecessary conflict and hurting their feelings.

Mercury Square Mars Transit Meaning

As we have mentioned earlier, Mercury is all about communication and when Mercury and Mars join together, the person needs to watch what they’re saying. They may be aggressive, short tempered and often jump to the wrong conclusions. Rushing any conversations and the tendency to argue can cause friction in relationships.

Mercury square Mars transit can cause the person to think too much. In fact, it may lead to overthinking things that may make them aggressive and short tempered. It may cause them to jump to conclusions and rush decisions and they often end up making wrong decisions and saying the wrong things.

This can cause arguments, disagreements and even open hostility with people. The Mercury square Mars transit may even cause problems in personal relationships and make other parts of your life problematic.

The key to avoiding problems is to listen to people carefully when you interact with them, pay attention to what they are saying and evaluate your thoughts carefully before speaking. If you are irritable and touchy, then the people around you may also turn aggressive.

Avoid making any important decisions or entering into collaborations or negotiations during the Mercury square Mars transit. However, if it is unavoidable and you must attend to some vital legal or business matters, then we suggest that you take the advice of a professional.

Your unpredictable nature can impact the paperwork involved. However, it is essential that you should neither restrict your energy nor should you hide your frustrations. You must find ways by which you can express or vent out your energy safely.

Mercury Semi-Square Mars

The Mercury semi-square Mars is a weak aspect and rather unfavorable. It tends to make your mind overactive, making you hasty and overexcited. You should be careful when you speak, as well as in all your legal and professional dealings.

You must safeguard yourself when dealing with people you don’t know as you can suffer financial loss. In this period, you may struggle to achieve decisiveness and forcefulness to close the gap between your thoughts and action. However, this aspect is not long lasting and is subject to lunar influences.


Mercury square Mars is not an easy one because the key problem with this aspect is communication, which does not flow freely and is full of disagreements and conflicts. Both Mercury, as well as Mars, have very strong opinions about everything and this aspect often brings with it several challenges and problems.

By slowing down your thinking and style of communication and improving self-control, you can overcome the challenges presented by the Mercury square Mars aspect and have more fulfilling relationships with your partner, friends and other people around you.

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