Mars Conjunct Pluto In Natal Charts, Composite Charts & Synastry


Pluto is a symbol of death, rebirth and inner subconsciousness. Pluto was also the Roman god of the underworld and wealth. Mars on the other hand is the god of war and is associated with passion, drive and energy.

Mars conjunct Pluto occurs when these planets are 0 degrees apart. It merges the energies of these planets and their combined impact becomes a lot more intense.

Let’s dive into what this aspect represents in our lives. Ready? Let’s get started…

Mars Conjunct Pluto In Natal Chart Meaning & Experience


Mars conjunct Pluto is not a harsh aspect. It amplifies the energies of Mars and Pluto, blessing people with drive, ambition, courage and perseverance.

People with this aspect are very hardworking and ambitious. They stop at nothing to achieve what they want. This is great for their careers and helps them reach new heights professionally.

However, they also don’t think twice about stepping on anyone’s toes on their way to success. This can earn them enemies or make them generally unlikeable.

This aspect can make people very intense. Not everyone can handle this energy, so they usually have a small, tight-knit group of friends. They love their family and try their best to take care of them.

If you have this aspect in your natal chart, you must try to put your energy and talents to good use and try to help others. Being in service to others will help you become a better human being. It will also help you cultivate healthy relationships with people and imbibe a new sense of empathy and compassion.

Mars Conjunct Pluto In Women, Personality Aspects

Mars conjunct Pluto is a powerful aspect in women. They always know what they want and achieve their goals through sheer willpower. They work very hard and are rewarded with highly successful careers.

Women with this aspect are very eclectic and often have luxurious tastes. They enjoy the finer things in life and have a penchant for rare and unique possessions.

They might experience some emotional upheavals during their teenage years, as it is marked by a period of transformation. It can be painful to go through, but they emerge as better people when it is over.

Transformation continues to be a theme throughout their lives. They are blessed with drive and ambition, but learning how to channel it and understanding where they should direct their energy is a lifelong journey.

These periods of transformation are amazing learning experiences for women that help them grow in different directions.

In romantic relationships, they seek out partners who match their energy and are equally successful in life. Emotional connection is very important for them and they need someone they can open up to.

Mars Conjunct Pluto In Men, Personality Aspects

Mars conjunct Pluto is a very interesting aspect in men. It heightens their energy and drive, helping them reach very prominent positions in life. They are intelligent and skilled at their jobs and climb up the ladder pretty easily.

They are very close to their family and fiercely loyal to their friends. Women find their energy and passion attractive. Men with this aspect typically have a lot of casual relationships before they decide to settle down.

They might seem ruthless due to their desire to succeed at all costs. If you have this aspect in your natal chart, take care not to forget your principles in your pursuit of success.

Dedicating yourself to a cause bigger than yourself will help you gain perspective and evolve into a better person. Whether you want to balance out your ambitious side or you want to give back to society after reaching your goals, selfless acts are the way to go.

Men with this aspect have a strong intuition and can be very stubborn. They have problems with letting go of things and are very attached to the people and things in their lives.

Mars Conjunct Pluto Anger & Violence – Can It Be Dangerous?


Anger or aggression is a possibility considering that Mars is involved. It is known for its ‘warrior spirit’ and men with this aspect are especially affected by it.

People with this aspect are often in very prominent or public positions. They wield a lot of power and they have definitely stepped on some toes to get to this position. This often earns them enemies along the way.

If they don’t learn to deal with people with diplomacy, it might make them a target. Since these confrontations mostly occur in professional settings, there is a very low possibility of violence.

People with this aspect are also very protective of their family, which can make them angry or aggressive.

Mars Conjunct Pluto Synastry, Relationships


Synastry is the astrological study of relationships. People use it to understand the nature of the relationship between 2 people. Mars conjunct Pluto in synastry points towards a very layered relationship.

Intense sexual attraction is typical of this relationship. No matter how the relationship began, there is a lot of sexual tension between you two and you can hardly keep your hands off each other when you’re together.

It is easy to ignore the emotional aspect of the relationship when you share such great chemistry, but it is important to communicate what you expect from each other in the relationship.

Mars conjunct Pluto relationships start off hot and heavy but fizzle from lack of emotional intimacy. If you aren’t careful, it can end in a very messy and painful breakup. It will cause unnecessary drama that neither of you wants.

Pluto is a higher octave of Mars, so couples with this aspect in their synastry chart usually end up together. Whether you are able to identify it or not, there is something that keeps pulling you together.

Mars Conjunct Pluto For Sex & Sexuality

Mars conjunct Pluto is an explosive aspect for sex and sexuality. Couples have an electrifying attraction to each other and feel an irresistible pull toward each other. Things are sizzling hot in the bedroom and you have no trouble understanding each other’s needs.

Kinks like BDSM or bondage are very common with this aspect. Both partners have a very high sex drive and are incredibly attracted to each other. You find each other’s company intoxicating and nothing can keep you apart.

Mars Conjunct Pluto Composite Chart


Composite charts help us understand romantic relationships and analyze if partners in the relationship are well-suited for each other. Mars conjunct Pluto points towards a very strong physical attraction.

These relationships are usually long term and there is something innate that draws you toward each other. However, there are a few things you need to watch out for.

There can be a very forceful effort from one partner to bend the other to his or her will. This makes the other partner feel suffocated and helpless and they start distancing themselves.

Partners in this relationship need to realize that though they have the charm and ability to bend others to their will, they need to be careful about when and where they use it. Romantic relationships aren’t a suitable place for manipulation or power moves.

Mars Conjunct Pluto Transit Meaning

Mars conjunct Pluto transit heightens qualities like passion, ambition, sexual desire and love of power. People with this aspect need to be careful not to let their desires overpower their morals or principles.

Ruthlessness and selfishness are very common during this period. If you are influenced by this aspect, be careful not to let this energy take over you, as it might result in aggression, losing your temper or even violence.

If you can channel your energy in a different direction, this can be a very fruitful period for you. Think of anything you are passionate about and start working on it. Your energy will carry you through the project and you will find that you are able to achieve a lot on your own.

Also, remember that your partner or people close to you are not experiencing the same burst of energy that you are experiencing. Your actions can feel domineering or too intense for them.

You can also channel this energy into the physical aspect of your relationship and engage in tantric sex or sensual massages.

Mars Semi-Square Pluto

Mars semi-square Pluto makes you face a lot of difficult decisions. A very common struggle during this period is whether to embrace freedom and follow your heart or stay on the path you had decided for yourself and stay disciplined in your routine.

You also push yourself to your limits physically in pursuit of your goals and might start to feel burned out. Feeling bogged down by inertia might frustrate you and make you push yourself even harder.

If you find it too difficult to make a decision or don’t know what to do, just take a step back and give yourself a break. Find something relaxing or therapeutic to do and let your mind decompress. Approach the problems with a fresh perspective and you will find it much easier to arrive at a solution.


Mars conjunct Pluto is a powerful aspect. It is linked to success, wealth, ambition and power. People with this aspect are very successful in life and are in financially strong positions.

Giving more importance to your emotional well-being and trying to live a selfless life will make you feel more fulfilled in life.

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