Cancer’s Ruling Planet Moon: It’s Energy & Influence Explained

Each zodiac sign has one (or two) ruling planets that exert greater influence over it than other planets.

The ruling planet is also known as the dominant, governing, or rising planet of the sign, as well as the astrological domicile of the zodiac sign.

In this article, we will take a deeper look at Cancer’s ruling planet Moon, its energy & nature, and the influence that it exerts over Cancer in everyday life.

So if you want to:

  • Know more about the Moon, the ruling planet of Cancer.
  • Understand the nature & energy of the Moon, as well as the positive and negative traits that it has.
  • Learn when it’s best to use the influence of the planet to your benefit.

Then read with attention. Important truths are often hidden in small details.

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Cancer’s Ruling Planet Moon in Astrology

The moon is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Cancer. The moon is known to reflect emotions and feelings and is responsible for controlling many of our life cycles and even the rhythmic cycle of females. Astrologically, the Moon represents feelings in humans and is considered to be the Queen of the Solar System.

Moon is known for its tenderness and signifies beauty and love and is responsible for governing these tender feelings in people.

There are different energies associated with the Moon and on the positive side of things, it can signify joy and prosperity while the negative Moon can signify restlessness, tension and pessimistic attitude in life.

Moon in Astrology: Quick Facts

If you want to know more about Moon, here are a few quick facts you must know about:

  • Color: White
  • Nature: Femininity, instincts, habits, behavior, domesticity
  • Metal: Silver
  • Precious Stone: Pearl, quartz, selenite
  • Ruling planet of: Cancer

Moon’s Sun Orbit

The Moon orbits one revolution relative to the Sun in about 29.53 days (a synodic month). The Earth orbits the Sun and the Moon orbits the Earth. The Moon’s orbit lasts 27 1/2 days, but because the Earth is always in motion, the Moon takes two extra days to come back to its original position in the sky.

The Moon is considered to be the only real planet because it orbits around the Earth. It cannot, however, be considered a generational planet.

Moon Rules the Third House of Cancer

Moon in the third house of the zodiac sign symbolizes imagination and creativity. Sometimes, this may also manifest in restlessness and may make things difficult for people who may find it difficult to distinguish between their thoughts and those of others.

On the positive side, when this happens, it may mean an unrestrained flow of creative energy, good intuition and lots of imagination.

When this happens, people are prone to respond as per their emotions and not rationality. The surprising or strange bit is that they may find it difficult to understand this distinction that may be annoying to others.

Third house Moon also indicates a strong urge within people to communicate with others and be in total cognizance of everything happening around them.

Moon Positive Traits

The Moon is a special planet that has a number of positive traits associated with it. Some of these include:

  • Patience: Those who have the Moon as their ruling planet are imbued with a lot of patience. They take their time to understand things and are not known for being restless or impatient. This makes them amicable and very likable socially.
  • Sensitivity: Having the Moon as the ruling planet makes people more sensitive to the needs of others and also to themselves. This is a great quality that endears people to others.
  • Romance and Affability: Moon is associated with romance and sensuousness and those who have this as their ruling planet are known to be romantics and are into making grand gestures of romance and making every moment count. These people are great believers in romance and can be seen vouching for this all the time.
  • Sociable: Having the Moon as their ruling planet makes people more sociable and amicable to others. These people love to go out, mingle with others and discuss ideas and things. They are known to have a great social life.
  • Tenderness: People who have the Moon as their ruling planet have a tender disposition and are lovely to be around.

Moon Negative Traits

Though the Moon is known for its tenderness and sensuousness, there are certain negative traits associated with it that one must be aware of. Take a look!

  • Moody: The zodiac sign Cancer, which has the Moon as its ruling planet, may be prone to mood swings that may sometimes make things difficult for these people. It may not happen a lot but it does happen.
  • Clingy: Since the Moon is known for its tenderness and sensuality, sometimes people may become clingy. This may be an issue for people around them and may also make things difficult for them.
  • Jealous: Romance is a big part of those who have the Moon as their ruling planet. These people sometimes may give in to baser emotions such as jealousy and that may lead to issues in their romantic relations. This is something that these people need to constantly work on avoiding.
  • Prone to worrying: People with the Moon as their ruling planet are worriers and constantly keep gravitating towards things that lead to stress.
  • May Be Stuck in the Past: These people find it difficult to let go of bad experiences in the past and keep tormenting themselves with past mistakes and experiences. This is something that they have to be mindful of in life and constantly avoid.

Energies of Moon: Electric

Throughout its cycle, the Moon has different energies. For instance, the new Moon is associated with creating a vision for new beginnings whereas the first quarter moon is all about energies that propel us towards action for achieving our goals.

The full moon, on the other hand, is more about exuding spiritual energies and helping us seek solace within ourselves.

Moon Keywords: Things of Importance

Moon is a special planet and associated with a number of keywords. Some of these include:

  • Femininity: The Moon is a watery and airy planet and is known for its unmatched beauty. It is supposed to have a beautiful face and induce a lot of attraction in those that look at her. Its royal complexion and enviable eyes are supposed to be its distinguishing features, imbuing it with tender femininity.
  • Emotional: The Moon is supposed to make people emotional and tender and that is something you witness in zodiac signs that have the Moon as their ruling planet. For example, Cancer.
  • Soul: The Moon is said to appeal to our soul and nourish it as opposed to other planets that appeal to the mind and intellect. This can be seen in people with the zodiac sign Cancer. These people may respond to situations in an emotional manner as opposed to being rational.
  • Feelings: The Moon is associated with feelings and you may find people with the Moon as their ruling planet being very emotional and harboring a lot of feelings about a lot of things.
  • Instinctive: The people who have the Moon as their ruling planet, as is the case with the zodiac sign Cancer, are instinctive and that is one of their defining personality traits.

Moon Domicile

Cancer is the domicile of the Moon. This means that the planet is the most comfortable when it resides in this place. This also means that when it resides in Cancer, the Moon creates the maximum impact on people.

Moon Detriment

The Moon’s detriment is Capricorn. In this position, the Moon is aware of its power but not able to exert it aggressively. There is hope, however, that it will solely come to its own.

Moon Exalted

The Moon is exalted in Taurus. This means that at 3° Taurus, the Moon is 14° away from the Sun’s exaltation and is slowly moving towards regaining its own light. Remember, exaltation is all about a planet regaining its strength and beginning to find its power again.

Moon Fall

The Moon is in fall in Scorpio. This is because of the contrary energies of Scorpio and the Moon. while the former signifies a strong masculine power, the latter is brimming with tender femininity. This leads to Moon’s energy being overpowered in the face of this strong masculine energy.

Moon Retrograde

The Moon is never in a retrograde position and that makes it special.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that might be of interest.

What Is a Ruling Planet and What Does It Do, Anyway?

A planet that has a specific influence over a zodiac sign is its ruling planet and impacts the personality traits of people.

How Are Ruling Planets Assigned?

Northern hemisphere seasons determine the positions of planets.

Why Do Some Signs Have Two Ruling Planets?

The interplay between modern and ancient astrology is the reason why some signs have two ruling planets.


The Moon is a special planet that shapes the personalities and characteristics of those with the zodiac sign Cancer, as it resides in this sign.

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