Aries’s Ruling Planet: Mars’s Influence & Energy Explained

Each zodiac sign has one (or two) ruling planets that exert greater influence over it than other planets.

The ruling planet is also known as the dominant, governing, or rising planet of the sign, as well as the astrological domicile of the zodiac sign.

In this article, we will take a deeper look at Aries’s ruling planet Mars, its energy & nature, and the influence that it exerts over Aries in everyday life.

So if you want to:

  • Know more about Mars, the ruling planet of Aries
  • Understand the nature and energy of Mars, as well as the positive and negative traits that it has
  • Learn when it’s best to use the influence of the planet to your benefit

Then read with attention. Important truths are often hidden in small details.

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Aries’s Ruling Planet Mars In Astrology

The zodiac sign Aries is ruled by Mars. Being a powerful planet with a lot of energy, Mars impacts the life of Aries in various ways. Let’s take a look at the key movements and influences of Mars on Aries.

Short Summary: Aries’s Ruling Planet Mars

Mar is the ruling planet of Aries. It is the God of War and has fiery energy. Mars is most often associated with action, desire and energy. It represents the primal instincts of man and rules over our ‘animal’ instincts: anger, aggression and survival.

As they are primarily influenced by Mars, Aries is a passionate, high-energy sign. They are honest, direct and unafraid of anything that stands in their way. They are quite clear about what they want and aren’t plagued by second thoughts or doubts.

Mars’s influence on Aries gives them their fiery energy. It takes their raw strength and makes them good leaders by enhancing their drive and determination. The ‘warrior’ persona of Aries is also a result of Mars’s influence.

Mars In Astrology: Quick Facts

  • Color: Red
  • Nature: Energetic, passionate, adventurous, assertive and sensual
  • Metal: Iron
  • Precious Stone: Emerald
  • Ruling planet of: Aries

Mars’s Sun Orbit

Mars takes 687 days or 1.8 years to finish its journey around the zodiac. The orbit time for 1 zodiac sign is about 45 days. It takes more time than Earth to complete its revolution because it is farther away from the Sun.

Generational planets are those that influence an entire generation of people. Mars is not a generational planet.

Mars Rules The 1st House

Mars is the ruler of the 1st house in astrology. The 1st house represents the core identity of a person, both at the moment of birth and throughout various transitional periods in their life.

Being the ruler of the 1st house, Mars influences your conscious thoughts and actions. The energy to bring your thoughts to action springs from the 1st house.

It influences your head and face, focussing on the parts of your brain that are active and self-conscious.

Having Mars in the 1st house is beneficial for Aries in many ways. It makes them fearless and gives them the ability to face any obstacle in life. They are action-oriented people who do not waste time.

Passion, zeal and drive are driving factors in life. With the influence of Mars in the 1st house, Aries gets these traits in abundance. These people never settle for ordinary life and keep striving to become the best version of themselves.

This can backfire sometimes when they jump into action without giving it much thought. When it results in adverse consequences, it becomes quite the problem for Aries.

Mars Positive Traits

Mars is a symbol of action. Its influence makes you an action-oriented person who has a penchant for getting things done, even in impossible circumstances. You do not dwell on your actions too much—rather, you jump into situations with little or no forethought.

Here are a few positive traits of Mars:

  • Passionate
  • Courageous
  • Competitive
  • Action-oriented
  • Desire

These traits add to the fiery persona of Aries. They emerge as passionate and capable leaders who can handle anything life throws at them.

When it comes to love and relationships, the influence of Mars makes Aries magnetic. People are physically attracted to them and share great chemistry with them.

It enhances your drive—you are always ready to lead the way for others and never back down from a challenge. This quality is often beneficial on the professional front.

Attaining success and personal goals comes very easily to the passionate, driven and motivated Aries person.

Mars Negative Traits

Having a lot of energy can be very beneficial—if it is channeled in the right way. The abundance of energy coupled with the eagerness to jump into action could prove detrimental to people. Here are the 2 most negative traits of Mars:

  • Anger
  • Impulsiveness

Mars nurtures pure energy, not creative energy. If the individual is not able to channel it into creative paths, it can turn destructive.

The lack of caution makes people rash and impulsive. They jump into things without giving thought to the consequences, creating the perfect recipe for disaster.

Calmness, clarity of thought and directed action help counteract the negative traits of Mars.

Energies of Mars: Electric

Mars is full of raw energy and potential. Its effect on humans is almost electrifying—it is instantaneous and makes your spring into action with no thought.

When you get an idea and leap into action with no regard for anything else, you can chalk it down to the electric energy of Mars.

With Aries, the energy of Mars could either be spontaneous and adventurous or impulsive and rash. It is a bit of a coin toss with Aries—you never know which side you will land on.

Mars Keywords: Will, Energy, Sex Drive, Competent, Passion

Here is a list of 5 keywords associated with Mars and how they impact Aries:

  • Will: Intent, desire and motivation are the key factors of willpower. Mars’s influence strengthens the will of Aries, making them almost stubborn in the pursuit of their goals.
  • Energy: Mars is a symbol of raw energy. With Aries, this energy has a lot of potential. When directed the right way it leads to immense success. If not channeled properly, it can lead to ruin.
  • Sex Drive: Mars represents pure physical attraction. It increases the sex drive and sex appeal in Aries, making them spontaneous romantic partners.
  • Competent: Capability and talent are inherent in Mars. In Aries, they manifest as leadership qualities and competent workers.
  • Passion: Having a lot of passion and drive is a very common trait for Mars. With Aries’s ambitious nature, passion becomes good fuel for decisive action. It helps channel the excess energy in productive ways.

Mars Domicile/Home Position

Domicile refers to the zodiac sign over which a planet presides. Each sign has a planetary ruler, which gives the planet a lot of influence when positioned within the sign. Mars presides over Aries and thus has a powerful influence over the sign.

Mars Detriment

A detriment or exile happens when a planet is situated opposite the sign it rules. At this time, the planet is at its weakest and has the least influence. Mars is in detriment to Taurus and Libra.

Mars Exalted

Being exalted means that the planet is in a state of full awareness. It is at its most powerful and has the most influence in this state. Exaltation is one of the 5 core dignities of a planet. Mars is exalted in Capricorn.

Mars Fall

A planetary fall is the exact opposite of an exaltation. When Mars is positioned opposite Capricorn, it is said to be in fall. This is a position of weakness and reduces all functions of the planet.

Mars Retrograde

Mars goes into retrograde every 26 months. During this period, it appears to move backward in the sky.

In the following year, Mars will be in retrograde from 30 October 2022 to 1 January 2023. During this period, people tend to slow down and stagnate in their paths.

Whether we realize it or not, Mars’s energy propels forward motion, which has become a constant part of our life nowadays. When it suddenly stops, we start feeling frustrated and anxious.

This frustration with lack of movement creates inner turmoil, adding to the emotional and mental strain experienced during this period. The 4 signs most affected by Mars in retrograde are Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Scorpio.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Ruling Planet and What Does It Do, Anyway

Ruling planets govern the signs of the zodiac. Their influence decides how the sign functions and how other signs react to it. They decide positive and negative traits and the circumstances experienced during periods of transit.

How Are Ruling Planets Assigned?

When a planet has the strongest influence when positioned in a zodiac house, it is said to be the ruler of that house.

When Does a Ruling Planet Influence Its Zodiac Sign the Most?

A ruling planet influences its zodiac sign the most when it is in an exalted state.

Why Do Some Signs Have Two Ruling Planets?

Earlier, signs used to share ruling planets. When new planets were discovered, they were assigned to zodiacs that best matched their energies and characteristics.

These signs have 2 rulers: an ancient ruler and a modern ruler. Scorpio, Virgo. Aquarius and Taurus are the only signs with 2 planetary rulers.

Ancient vs Modern Ruling Planets

Modern ruling planets are typically farther out in the solar system and have been assigned to zodiacs they share traits with. Ancient ruling planets are more inwards and affect the inner traits of a person.

Conclusion & Summary

Mars is considered a symbol of energy and the Roman god of war. It is no surprise that this planet has an intense and powerful influence over Aries.

It can even be said that the feisty personality of Aries is a direct result of the influence of the ruling planet Mars.

There are various positive and negative connotations to Mars’s influence, but if you understand how to channel your energies the right way and learn to wield your abundant power, it can propel you towards success very efficiently.

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